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fashion question

I've been lurking on The Bump for a while, but I'm going to post now. That's because I wanted to ask you guys about something that's random, but it is kind of related to our pregnancies. So I rarely go on social media, but I went on it recently because I had free time and I was bored. I came across 2 pictures of women dressed in workout clothes, and I'll include the links below. They were showing off their bodies because they were working out or teaching a yoga class. But if you look at them, you'll see that they both purposely have their underwear sticking out of their pants. I had not seen this before, so I wondered why they would do this. Can you think of why they did this, and is it actually common for fitness influencers to show their panties like this? If you were having a girl, then you wouldn't let her dress like this, right? I definitely wouldn't.
These are the links: 


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