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  • All the smells are driving me crazy. I’ve been thinking about buying a candle just to sniff when I need the relief of not smelling things. I feel like I smell yeast rolls all the time - ugh. And *tmi* I feel like I can smell my vagina all the time. I’m constantly cleaning myself and changing my underwear. Maddening. Sooooo tired. I felt like a pile of hot garbage today and didn’t get anything done but a three hour nap while my other two were napping. Pretty useless over here today. 
    I've been using panty liners.  It helps.  You can just change them mid-day when you are out of the house and instantly feel fresher.  Generally I'm not a big fan of this sort of thing, but our bodies change during pregnancy, and this is something easy I can do to feel a little better when I'm at work all day.

    Also all the meat comments...  I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years, my husband is convinced I need to eat meat during pregnancy.  We do not see eye to eye on this.  He is right when he says it's his baby too, and he really just wants the best for it, but it's soooo hard, especially when NOTHING sounds good for dinner ever, even my favorite things (which he also keeps buying me from the grocery store even if I don't go with him).

    And I am really into the potatoes lately too.  I get potato soup for lunch at least 3 days a week! 
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  • @runwmusic My symptoms became a lot more noticeable when I hit 6 weeks. You may just be too early.
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  • @shamrocandroll I just can't meal plan right now. What sounds good to me in a moment will sound disgusting by the time I get to eat it. I'm going to try to make a pot of tomato and veggie sauce in the crock pot for DD and DH today but I'm already dreading the house smelling like it. 
  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin Mashed potatoes sound good. I could eat that...
  • @jrouge12 Yeah, we're kind of forced to because we live in a rural area and I can't really go to the grocery store every 1-2 days to get makings for what sounds good to me.  And also pretty much nothing sounds good to me right now.  So basically MH meal plans for what he wants for the week, and I decide the day of if I want to eat it, or just have cereal for dinner.  :lol:
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  • My symptoms have majorly lightened up the last two days, to the point where I’m freaking out a little bit. Our first US is tomorrow, so I’m trying to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. PGAL brain sucks.
  • @soprano19 solidarity. Hope tomorrow goes well! 
  • @pirateduck - I, too, am a vegetarian (pescatarian, but have pretty much nixed all seafood because it doesn't smell or taste right). MH seems to be waiting for the day that I crave meat, but it hasn't happened yet. He came home with fried chicken last week and I had two bites (to see if I could stomach it) and while it tasted good, I think that was mostly just the breading that tasted good. I wouldn't say I crave it, either.

    And add me to the potatoes camp. Potato chips, potato cheese soup (I made a pot of it last week), baked potatoes, mashed potatoes. YUM.
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  • @pirateduck I don’t think you should need to eat meat, but protein is crucial to baby development so just make sure you get enough of that and I don’t see an issue. 

    This happened to me with DD where I go from eating meat with every single meal to literally gagging at the thought of it. I’m fine when it’s mixed in, but I can’t just eat it right now. 
    Just gagged while typing about meat. 
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  • @runwmusic I just started with symptoms this week (6+3 now). My previous 2 pregnancies it started much earlier. I think each person/pregnancy is different! It's hard, but try to enjoy feeling well!
  • The worst part about the meat aversion for the time around is that I know I have a greater chance of having gestational diabetes again. Last time I was diagnosised at 28 weeks and was able to stomach it much better. I'm afraid this time I'll have an early diagnosis and I'll have to eat meat when it's making me want to puke. I'm also trying to avoid extra carbs and sweets as of right now but crackers are life currently. 
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  • @mokay19 I'm not super worried, I have had sooooo much blood work including a full metabolic panel and everything is in good range.  
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    D&C to remove polyp, unexplained infertility, multiple rounds clomid, trigger, iui, letrozole
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  • @soprano19 I know the feelings. Big hugs. I hope you have a reassuring scan tomorrow. 
  • @pirateduck @yodamama I see potato soup in my future now.... yum
  • Feeling super crampy today, so nerve-wracking.

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  • @rachelg777 Me too. I keep reassuring myself that the cramps happened with DD. 
  • @soprano19 I know the feeling. I went from being so sick and nauseous to feeling fine the last two days. Does this usually mean something or can it just be a couple of good days? 
  • Also in the crampy camp. It always makes me nervous, but if it's stretching and shifting around my uterus, then it's for a good cause. 
    Morning sickness kicked in hardcore. Woke up super congested and horribly nauseated. I went for some cheese this afternoon, took one look at it and my stomach went NOPE! Needless to say, the dogs got surprise treats.
  • @soprano19 @michellej2020 I am 8weeks tomorrow, first scan on the 1st. My symptoms come and go. They lightened up for a few days last week. Like my boobs didn’t feel as heavy, very little nausea, wasn’t tired. Over the weekend and today they have come back with a vengeance. I almost puked on a patient today and had to swallow it down. She thought I was sick. She must have used the hand sanitizer 10x while I interviewed her lol. It can be totally normal(from what I am told, FTM here) for them to come and go. It’s easy to say don’t freak out, but maybe hearing it is happening to some other moms right now will be a bit reassuring.
  • @smashley09, GL in your U/S tomorrow! Glad to hear your symptoms calmed down a little bit but are now back, today has been light in the sore boob department for me. Nausea also comes and goes, maybe I am keeping it at bay by snacking and sipping water constantly.
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  • Vomited for the first time today, so that’s fun. The past week it’s just been intermittent nausea and gagging. I don’t know how teachers or anybody who is unable to take urgent bathroom breaks makes it through the day. I was lucky to be in a facility today, not visiting homes. 
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