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Can a tooth infection cause miscarriage?

RosaCarolina RosaCarolina Posted 17 mins ago I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant. Everything has been going great. Two days ago I think I got a tooth infection in one of my molars. The gums around the tooth are a bit tender but have not changed color or anything. I feels a little sore when I chew on that side. But nothing too severe. Anyway, I wanted to know if the infection could affect my pregnancy or even cause miscarriage? I won’t be able to go to the dentist until tomorrow and I’m being a bit paranoid having suffered 3 miscarriages in the past (for different reasons). Have any of you heard of or experienced this during your pregnancies?

Re: Can a tooth infection cause miscarriage?

  • Any kind of infection can lead to issues during pregnancy. A couple days is probably fine, but definitely get it checked out.

    Pregnant women are at higher risk for dental diseases and extra cleanings and checks are typically covered by insurance.
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    Go to your dentist, tell them you are pregnant, see what they say - infected or not - get on proper meds (if needed).  I guess it baffles me that you think you have an infection that you dont get it checked out so that the infection doesnt get into your blood stream and YES potentially harm the baby!  
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