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weekly check-in 12/1-12/15 (group 1&2) w/o 9/16

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Upcoming appts: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken?

Re: weekly check-in 12/1-12/15 (group 1&2) w/o 9/16

  • EDD/W+D: December 14, 27 weeks, 2 days

    Team: Blue!

    Upcoming appts: Friday for the glucose screen, next Wednesday for the follow up to the high risk ultrasound from a few weeks ago.

    How are you feeling?: Physically, good. Emotionally, not so hot.


    Questions: Has anyone else noticed people kind of dropping off, like friends, as you've carried on in your pregnancy? Because I think I'm experiencing that, and I don't know how to deal with it. Essentially, several people who I thought would be at my shower weren't there, which was hurtful, since I've been there for them. But now that I think about it, I haven't heard from several of them as much as I used to before pregnancy. The weird thing is, many of these women are moms already themselves, so I thought of anyone, they'd be there and be supportive. I just don't know what's going on. 

    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? I've had a little wine. Otherwise though, I've tried to be pretty good. 
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  • @rjgmcmanus oh absolutely.  People I thought would be more supportive have been pretty absent.  That said a group of my girlfriends,  they're all younger than me (we met about 4 years ago through book group) and mostly single,  none have any baby plans that I'm aware of,  gosh they were the nicest about it all! They were so inquisitive about how I'm doing and excited.  I thought they wouldn't "get it". People are surprising. 

    Ftm due 12/15 gender unknown 
    Chiro tonight,  I forgot when my next appointment with midwife is,  doubt it's this week though. 

    Questions: I'm wondering if I really need a monitor.  We live in an apartment,  only one floor,  1k sqft. We will have one adult sleeping in the spare bed that's in the baby room each night (baby to sleep in crib starting first night) and other adult will get actual sleep in main bedroom.  Naps we can just leave baby's door open I'm thinking? Would you bother getting a baby monitor given those parameters?

    Rants/raves: well, a tentative rave.  I think I really see the end in sight to this! It's great to hit 27 weeks. 

    Gtky: omg basically everything.  I had one glass of wine that I drank over a long period of time at my wedding dinner.  I ate a raw oyster as well. Plenty of sushi (but I'm not even sure that's technically considered a no any more).  Deli meat when it's the only option--i actually don't care for deli meat but sometimes at work events you only have a few options.  More than recommended coffee on a few days when I was just too tired.  Olympic weightlifting through week 24 (I have a video even lol). Bike riding.  Heart rate up in the 160/70s.  Laying on my back for a short period of time still.  

    I don't feel bad about any of this as I understood the risks and mitigations of each action and felt that in my individual circumstances I would be ok and thus far it's been fine. I worked out very heavily prior to pregnancy using heavy weights and high intensity and what would be considered extreme for some people during pregnancy is lesser than what I had  lifted prior.
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  • @bookworm492 People are weird. And it's sad and disappointing. Right now I'm trying to focus on the people who WERE there, and on the people who have at least made an effort to be there during this pregnancy, even if they couldn't attend the shower. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurt.

    Also, I think in your circumstances, a monitor isn't needed for a while. Maybe down the road when you're both back in the same room again for the night, but for naps/current sleeping arrangements, not needed.
  • EDD/W+D: December 4th, 28weeks+5days

    Team: green!

    Upcoming appts: Thursday for routine 

    How are you feeling?: generally I’m doing okay but last night..... I got my first hemorrhoid. I haven’t been constipated, I’ve been drinking a lot of water and I’ve been decent about getting fiber in so I feel like it’s just so random! 

    Rants/Raves: I feel the most unsexy I have ever felt in my life. So big, acne, my vagina feels like my organs are spilling out and now I have a hemorrhoid. This is hard!!

    Questions: any nursing bra recommendation/s?

    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken?

    wine, coffee, deli meat... I’ve had it all!
  • @bookworm492 I’m still lifting! Just last week I cleaned 200# which is my 90%. That’s the most I’ve done (especially percentage wise) but it felt really good! Most of the time I stick to around 70% effort. I plan on lifting until it’s no longer comfortable (which hopefully means I can the whole time!). 
  • @lamarshall try the medicated wipes, and use whatever you can to soften your stool. I ate a bunch of prunes. Also now when I press down, I use diaphragmatic breathing and push on the exhale portion.  That's helped a lot and I'm guessing will help in labor.   Google "diaphragmatic breathing " if you're unfamiliar with it and find some YouTube videos. I had hemorrhoids early on but they resolved. 
  • @rjgmcmanus I’m sorry your feeling a lack of support from these longtime friends.  Maybe it’s because I’m a STM, but I’ve kept pretty private this pregnancy, and haven’t worried too much about other people’s reactions to what’s going on.  I think it’s less stressful this way.  Don’t let your hormonal, tired, pregnant self suffer from any extra stress right now ❤️

    @bookworm492 I was in about the same sized space when DD arrived, and we had a monitor, but I honestly didn’t use it.  Due to my epilepsy, she actually ended up cosleeping with us to prevent me from waking up and walking around all night as much, so it was pretty pointless.  I wouldn’t worry about it right now if I were you 👍

    @lamarshall amen to the unsexy thing- it gets really un-fun at the end, doesn’t it?  I’m also looking for nursing bra suggestions- last time I went cheap with some bras I bought at Target.  I might like invest a little more this time to find something more flattering.  My one piece of advice- don’t buy them now, because my boobs changed size in the last month last time, getting even bigger.  I’m going to grab some nursing camisoles for the first bit at home, and then once some swelling goes away post-labor, I’ll try to buy bras that actually fit this time!
  • @lamarshall wow that's very impressive!  I'm below 100lbs, and I'm not using barbell any  more because I feel like I can't get the proper path over the bump!  I have never gotten my cleans that high (I've also had shoulder issues since well before pregnancy which limited things).
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    EDD/W+D: 12/1 and 29W1D

    Team: Pink- Ellie 💗-  she’s already rocking the nickname Ellie Belly

    Upcoming appts: Wednesday OB/GYN check in, nothing too crazy 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good, although as @lamarshall put it, getting pretty unsexy over here.  Maybe TMI:  I’m fortunate to still get to have sex, and that has actually felt pretty good as it gets as it gets more crowded down there!  As I get more smashed, my constipation has been kicking it up a notch- not fun.

    Rants/Raves: All through the month of September, DD, DH, and I have been participating in a workshop together that closes out next Monday with a showcase.  It’s been really fun to do something as a family to get my mind off of my pregnancy, and it feels like we’re moving forward with our lives.  Oddly enough, people around us have been pretty supportive, as much as they can be (it’s an arts based workshop, so lots of people don’t really get it- not their cup of tea).

    Questions:  As we come into this last phase of unsexy pregnancy, has anybody been finding themselves having more pregnancy dreams where strangers want to have sex with you?  I’ve had a few nights in a row of weird dreams where non-sexy characters in my dream want to be with me, and I just don’t want to be touched.  Then I usually remember a little of it when I wake up and feel kinda grossed out😛. Maybe it comes from getting more noticed in everyday life now... 

    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken?  Sushi is probably my most common offense.  Certain exercises I’ve pushed past the don’t do this limit lines, but only because I still felt well enough to do them, and I had done them frequently before pregnancy.  I also haven’t gone to legitimately kick counting because this kid is always kicking me.  If that slows down, I’ll probably start thinking about it more often!
  • EDD/W+D: 12/12, 27w4d
    Team: blue
    Upcoming appts: 9/26, ob apt
    How are you feeling?:  my hips are starting to hurt while sitting at work. Also every night I wake up to my stomach aching, if I lay on one side too long it feels like the weight of my stomach is pulling to that side. 
    Rants/Raves: DH’s car got hit on the parkway over a month ago, and the body shop is f’ing around and every day it’s a new reason why the car is delayed. Meanwhile he’s driving around in a rental and we just really want his car back. 
    Questions: anyone else still undecided on their baby’s name? With DS we had him named by now and DH isn’t any closer to picking a name then he was at 12 weeks when we found out it was a boy. 
    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? Sushi, carrying DS around, not sure if this is a real rule but everyone always yells at me to take it easy when they see me carrying my monster of a 2yr old. 
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    EDD/W+D: Dec 10th, 28 weeks tomorrow

    Team:  Blue

    Upcoming appts: I'm now at every 2 week appointments- I have one next Friday where I'll get rhogam and Tdap and I need to do all my 3rd tri lab work on that day too. 

    How are you feeling?: I'm okay- I worked this weekend and I took an extra day off to recover, feeling more wiped out than usual. 

    Rants/Raves: Washed all the baby clothes and put them away, finally my DD decided what she wanted to be for Halloween and she's going to be Peppa Pig so we got her costume. 

    Questions: nothing at the moment 

    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? Ate medium rare steak, raw sushi on occasion.

    @rjgmcmanus I didn't feel people drop off when I was pregnant the first time....a lot of my friends were having their first baby or had one already. Obviously this is my second so not as much hoopla going on which is fine but what I have experienced more is the dropping off of my childless friends. They were invested at the beginning when she was a baby but as time has gone have distanced themselves. Just because I'm a mom now and have other responsibilities I'm not as fun to be around it seems? Kind of sad 😔
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • @bookworm492 on the monitor I think you won’t really know if you’ll need one until the baby comes. You may want to put the baby to bed earlier than you want to go to bed and there could be some time where the baby is in the room alone. For me with DS my ftm anxiety was really bad so I needed that monitor. 

    @lamarshall I love the kindred braverly nursing bras. They are racer back and pull over style but the material is so soft. They also make an all in one nursing and pumping bra that has really good reviews. Closer to my due date I’ll be getting one of those too. 
  • Spartanrd4Spartanrd4 member
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    @ale9687 I still carry my DD around, she is 2 1/2 and not yet 30 pounds so not super heavy but DH always tells me not to carry her 🤷‍♀️ I asked my OB and he said as long as it doesn't hurt my back to not worry too much about it. 

    @cpk3535 I got some nursing bras from bravado last time, they are a little pricey but very comfortable and good quality. 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • EDD/W+D: 12/5 28w4d

    Team: Blue 💙

    Upcoming appts: 9/27 for 30 wk appt 😳 

    How are you feeling?: So constipated. I finally had the early pregnancy constipation under control and now I’m on Iron 2x/day and it’s backed me up again. I’m also super exhausted and back to napping every afternoon when I can. 

    Rants/Raves: More of a random but my dog is experiencing a false pregnancy? She’s 3 and has had several heat cycles without issue. She had one in June and apparently bc I’m pregnant she sensed my hormones and Is acting pregnant as well? It’s really weird but I noticed she was freaking lactating Friday and she’s trying to mother random objects. The vet said it could last for another few weeks. 


    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? Being that we did ivf to get here I’ve been overly paranoid and haven’t really stepped out of line. I’ve had some salami from a deli and that’s as crazy as I’ve been 😂
  • @bookworm492 I’m planning to get a basic audio monitor for night just bc we’re heavy sleepers but I don’t see much point in them otherwise. You’ll be amazed at how sensitive your hearing becomes once you have the baby. You’ll hear even the softest noises coming from the nursery, especially if you’re in close quarters. 

    @ale9687 We’ve had a first name picked since the beginning but we’re nowhere near picking a middle name. Dh is the one causing issues, I’m ready to hash it out and move on. 
  • @spartanrd4 DS will be 2 1/2 this month and is about 35lb. I think everyone gets so worked up bc I’m very petite so not only does he weigh a lot but he’s also at least half my height haha. I have started to draw the line at carrying him upstairs. Between the extra belly weight and his weight I’m out of breath. 
  • @k_mama91 so, 2 of my cats I've owned had bad digestive issues in their senior years-- one is my current cat,  the other was my first cat who passed in January 2018.  Thanks to them I'll sleep through anything except the sound of a cat vomiting! Lol! So I'm already familiar with this phenomenon. 
  • @bookworm492 I can relate, there’s nothing that will get me out of a dead sleep quicker than the sound of a dog gagging lol damn animals. 
  • @bookworm492 @k_mama91 it’s sad that I’ve caught more dog vomit/hair balls in my hands then I have from DS throwing up. 
  • @bookworm492 @k_mama91 @ale9687 i also wake up to the sound of an animal about to barf, MH can sleep right through it. also - why, oh why, do they always want to barf on a rug when there is tile/hardwood a mere inch or so away?! 
  • @ale9687 we have a list of names but we are nowhere close to deciding on one. My husband was actually ranting the other night saying boy names are so hard and he doesn't like any of them. He had a girl name picked out before we knew the gender but was keeping it to himself. 
  • EDD/W+D:   12/8   28 weeks 1 day

    Team: Blue

    Upcoming appts:    Had my 28 week appointment today with Glucose screening, next appointment in 2 weeks. 

    How are you feeling?: Last week was insane, I was in a car crash on Thursday on my way into work (the other driver was at fault) so I was pretty sore through the weekend and then the stress of trying to figure everything out following the accident.    I had to go in for an afternoon of fetal monitoring following the accident, so it was nice to be able to listen to baby's heartbeat for a few hours.    I received my test results from the glucose (no follow up phone call yet) and my levels are 3 higher than what I can find to be the top range for the 1 hour test... so I am anticipating the phone call to schedule the 3-hour test. 

    Rants/Raves: Ugh, ranting about baby names and godparents. Why are they both so difficult to decide? 


    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken?    I've had lunch meat on occasion when there's no other options or everything else makes me nauseous.   There has also probably been days when I've had more than the recommended caffeine because these headaches have been no joke. 
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  • @allison_smith_6212 Glad you’re ok! How scary!
  • @anniemarie887 my dog does that EVERY TIME. He will seek out a carpet I swear...
  • @bookworm492 I have a similar living situation to yours, and we are not planning on getting a monitor at first.  The baby will be with us at night and the room she will nap in is directly off of our main living space.  One less thing to purchase right off the bat!
  • EDD/W+D: 28 weeks 1 day, Dec 9th

    Team: Pink

    Upcoming appts: Just had my 1-hour yesterday, so I am sure I will hear back from that in a few days. Next one is 32 weeks in october

    How are you feeling?: Super sick at the moment. Spent Sunday at the ER (not for me) with my husband and kids, and my husband and I are the only ones sick at the moment. Probably for the best but it is miserable. Other than that I have been getting a lot of night time swelling in my fingers and toes. This is a first for me through pregnancy. With my other two I never got swollen until a day or two before birth. Then I am just surviving reflux. I am cutting out tomato dishes =(

    Rants/Raves: non really. My husband is getting hip surgery in two weeks and then in 6 weeks for the other side. So he gets 90 days off work all together with the baby being born too! I guess it will be good time spent together but it might drive me crazy with my other two kids, newborn and my husband going through physical therapy and school on top of all the mess. Never a dull moment


    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? Lunch meat for sure. That is on my cravings list. My caffeine intake has been much higher than with my other two. Not excessive or dangerous for the baby but more than my personal amount. I end up sleeping upright half the night for reflux and slide down while still sleeping on my back .

    @bookworm492 I personally have not gotten a baby monitor with any of my kids. I do not like the video monitor ones because of privacy and being in computers people can get into the feed and watch. (I am super paranoid about that, I also don't own any speaking technology like google or alexia) But regardless of my feelings aside, I still have had little use for a monitor. I still check on the baby a ton for how they squirm around and breathing and all that. Nap times they are always in a bassinet close to where I am and when I move them to the crib full time I still just check on them. We have gotten along just fine. We even survived 2 kids taking naps in those fisher price rock and play things haha...gotta find a new alternative to that. 
  • Reposting from the September Symptoms page...How has everybody’s blood pressure looked at recent screenings? Mine seemed kind of low to both me and the nurse who took it, but my OB/GYN didn’t say anything about it being unusual at 85/50. I’m at 29 weeks... thoughts? Maybe this has something to do with my recent weird blood pounding in my head experience during yoga class, or some of my morning nausea spells?
  • rjgmcmanusrjgmcmanus member
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    @cpk3535 What kind of exercises are you doing, aside from yoga? Back a couple years ago, when I was training for half marathons on a regular basis, I was told my BP was low, but that was normal because of the kind of activity I was doing.

    I wouldn't be too concerned if your doc isn't concerned. I guess better having it a little low than too high and at risk for preeclampsia?

    My BP has steadily been in the normal range--sorry I can't be more helpful. 
  • @rjgmcmanus that was totally helpful! It might be a combination of the type of yoga that I do (I practice Kundalini, sort of a boot camp exercise style yoga) and my diet. Yeah, I guess I’ll just take it as a win that my doc isn’t concerned for me!
  • @lilyrheas Ive been getting hand and foot swelling for weeks now. At first I blamed it on the heat and my activity level but now I’m like you, randomly swelling during fairly quiet activity periods. It’s odd.
  • EDD/W+D: 28 weeks on Thursday

    Team: Blue. My daughter has been saying she wants a sister. She's in for some disappointment!

    Upcoming appts: Glucose test next week for my 28 week appointment.

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good! No complaints other than wishing I got to the gym more often, I always feel better afterward. Trying to start tennis in our new city and also use that as a means of meeting people.

    Rants/Raves: We bought a house! Woot. I am so excited to leave this apartment and have more space and settle in. It'll be good to do all of that before the baby comes I think. Plus winter is brutal here and I was not excited about being trapped in a tiny apartment with my 3 year old and a newborn.

    Questions: Nothing pregnancy related.

    GTKY: What “pregnancy rules” have you already broken? Um, hopefully I don't get flamed for confessing! I don't do any of these all the time, but I don't think twice about eating deli meat and unpasteurized cheese, drinking unpasteurized lemonade, drinking two cups of coffee instead of one or having the occasional Coke. I've had sips of my husband's wine or beer... I don't lie on my back but that is just uncomfortable. I'm sure there is something else I'm doing that I'm not supposed to, technically.
  • Wait what's all this about lemonade? First I've heard of this! Oh well.
  • @g_gabs71016 @bookworm492 That reminds me that apple cider season is almost upon us and that isn't pasteurized either.  But I will probably drink a little bit.  Nothing like cider and a donut to usher in fall! 
  • @cpk3535 My blood pressure was a little lower than my "normal" at my appointment today.  I think I read somewhere that is common at this stage.  But mine was only slightly lower at around 105/70 when I'm usually closer to 120/80.  Is yours typically on the low side?  Your numbers do sound low enough to potentially be causing you some symptoms, but I'm obviously no expert. 
  • @blueskychicago12 Our local orchard has the best cider and cider donuts ever. That’s a rule I could probably break, yum!
  • A lot of places pasteurize their cider these days, I always ask to make sure....at least in Michigan they do. 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • @Spartanrd4 Good to know.  I'll have to ask.  The cider mill I go to each year is in Michigan, actually (outside Ann Arbor).
  • For those of you who have gone to your 28 week appointment, did your doctor tell you to start doing kick counts?  Mine asked about whether I am feeling activity regularly, but she didn't tell me to start counting, and I forgot to ask about it.  I'm thinking I won't do counts unless I am told to, since I don't want to get too carried away and anxious with it. 
  • @blueskychicago12 Mine told me he doesn’t do kick counts if we’re regularly feeling consistent movement. He believes it adds unnecessary stress which I really appreciate. He said if we notice absence of movement to drink something and lay on the left side and if we don’t get 5 movements in an hour to go to l&d. 
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