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GTKY Petnames 9/14-9/15

Hey all, I know it gets quiet around here on the weekends, but in case people do stop in, and were game, here it is. What’s the silliest or most embarrassing nickname that you have ever given or received? Could be from a past or present relationship, could be a romantic relationship or familial, or heck, even platonic, just make sure that it’s cringe-worthy. 😉 

Re: GTKY Petnames 9/14-9/15

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  • @mvt2003 that’s pretty good, but give the people what they want!
  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin we do the same thing with “dear” it always makes us laugh and lightens the mood!
  • @konoha hahah 😆😂 I’m dying over about the bagel comment. I’m literally picturing you guys in my head calling  BAGEL 🥯 across the room haha  that’s awesome lol 
  • @mindyb2019 hahaha yes!!! that's exactly what we do, we're crazy lol
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  • @bows22 <3<3<3 


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  • My hubs and I have had numerous names over the years and always revert back to the classic babe and baby, as well as my love, but since we got our dog years back I've also been mama.  More unique names include sea lion for DH (bc he just floats so naturally in the ocean) and porcupine for me - no clue why.  Also peanut butter for DH (which has morphed into peanut head) and jelly for me.  Yes we are peanut butter and jelly and even gave each other the same themed card for our anniversary one year.   <3
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  • @whitealbum29 Sometimes when I walk into a room and say "hello Xyz" MH actually asks me if I mean him or the dog! TBH, it's always the dog I'm speaking to :D:D:D 
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