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weekly check in 12/1-12/15 (group 1&2) w/o 9/2

Est Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Blue/Pink/Green:

Upcoming Appointments:

How are you feeling?



GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? 

Re: weekly check in 12/1-12/15 (group 1&2) w/o 9/2

  • 25+2, green,  first time, no appointments this week.

    Have a cold so feeling very tired. Heading straight to bed after work today and might take tomorrow off depending how I feel.

    We got the baby's room started this weekend which is nice but we still have a long way to go. 

    Getting nervous about how to care for baby,  I feel like I don't know the basics. I need to start taking infant care classes. 

    Fall things....I don't know yet.  I don't have a yard, so no leaves to rake.  We've never carved pumpkins or anything of that nature.  Maybe make a big batch of chili and can it? We're all out from last time I canned chili (I have a pressure canner and can my own soups,  beans,  stews and chili etc.)
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  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 25w2d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: blue

    Upcoming Appointments: Sept 25 glucose and another US

    How are you feeling? Somewhat good, I feell ike I am already starting the no sleeping phase. I tose and turn all night trying to be comfortable.

    Rants/Raves:  T-MINUS 10 DAYS TO MOVING. I am worn out and stressed. Someone hold my hand and tell me living in 1200 sq ft is only temp. FWP? Probably.


    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?  GOT ME A PSL THIS MORNING!!!! 

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  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 25w 5d
    Team Blue/Pink/Green: blue
    Upcoming Appointments: ob apt 9/26
    How are you feeling? Pretty good, anxious to get the results for my GD test. 
    Rants/Raves: Were finally getting closettec in to do the nursery closet! I can’t wait to be able to wash and hang up all the clothes I saved from DS. 
    Questions: nope
    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? Well I put out a pumpkin yesterday and bought new fall garden flags and a new wreath for my front door. 
  • @klmcguire hey it's still 200 sqft more than we have! 🤣 you'll be fine.  Less to clean!
  • @bookworm492 I would love to get a pressure canner. We do a lot of soups and stews in fall and winter and that would save so much time. 

    @klmcguire Moving sucks! Don’t stress the space, we lived in a 9ishx28 ft camper for 9 months while our house was being built. It was almost refreshing not having all the clutter you accumulate in a larger space. 

    @ale9687 I dug out and washed several sleepers and “My first Christmas” things from ds1. I can’t wait for ds2 to reuse them 😍
  • @k_mama91 I think it is well worth the upfront cost if you're comfortable with canning. I use mine a lot. But I've been canning years now and started water bath and I'm also diligent to only can things that are safe. 
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/5 26w5d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: 9/16 for US

    How are you feeling? Exhausted and my feet are constantly throbbing from being on them too much. My body isn’t a fan of the extra weight. 

    Rants/Raves: Holy kankles! I do believe I’m as swollen as a person can get without having preeclampsia. Not cute.

    Questions: When do you all plan on sanitizing bottles and breast pump parts? We’re a ways off but I guess I’m nesting and wanting to organize all things baby ASAP!

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?  I put out my wreath, pillows, and garden flag this weekend. We’re also going to Gatlinburg Friday which is our fall trip but I’m wishing we were going a few weeks later so the leaves would be turning more. 
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: December 14, 25 weeks, 2 days.

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue!

    Upcoming Appointments: September 20: Glucose screen.

    How are you feeling? Decent! A little congested from this cold I'm currently trying to kick, but otherwise, not bad at all. Vacation was good for my body and soul. 

    Rants/Raves: Overwhelmed since I'm back at work...the downside of vacation, coming back to a million things. But, the nursery is starting to come together slowly! Also keeping an eye on this hurricane. Not in the mood to evacuate the area again.

    Questions: None at the moment. 

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? We like to make tons of apple sauce and apple butter in the fall, so we'll probably do that in the next few weeks. Our friends also have an annual chili cook off, so looking forward to that!
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: December 9th, 26 weeks

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments:Sep 16

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. Evelyn is actively moving all day long now so that is both good and bad because i love the feeling, yet it keeps me up at night. I feel she knows I am taking classes and forcing me to work ahead

    Rants/Raves: Just  a small one from last week. My MIL sends boxes to us from time to time with goodies for the girls and always a shirt or something. They always have saying with "Daddy" on it. It is very petty  to get annoyed but I am pregnant so I am letting it happen. Granted there isn't a ton out there with mommy sayings but I feel like jumping up and down and screaming that I am here also. 

    Questions: n/a

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? Oh man, well we busted out the crock pot and I have already done a full week of meals with it. We went and bought our Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations over the weekend and I put up my fall decorations. I also ordered my girls matching thanksgiving dresses. So needless to say I am deep into fall already. All this chili talk has me wanting to make a ton this weekend with butternut squash!

    @bookworm492 I found caring for a baby to come very natural. It seems overwhelming right now because there is information everywhere, but it will all fall in place super easy. I think the most important thing I did as a first time mom was get infant cpr certified because I was worried about the worst back then. That alone took so much anxiety off me as a first mom. Everything else will become your natural rhythm. Nothing is ever like anyone tells you and their tips and tricks never really work with the same results (my experience).
  • @k-mama91 I have prob 50 bottles from DS I’ll be using. I’m going to sanitize the small sizes and size 1 nipples prob closer to 34 weeks. If I sanitize them now I won’t have a clean/sterile place to store them
  • @lilyrheas thanks to @blueskychicago12 I know where to go for infant CPR class now!  I have done a lot of animal rescue work in the years before pregnancy,  at one point I was fostering 4 premie kittens who needed to be hand fed and weighed daily and provided fluids manually when showing signs of dehydration.  2 of then required me to bring them to ER at two separate times.  And they're all grown up now and healthy! If I can keep those fragile babies healthy then surely I can care for a human infant I'm trying to tell myself. 
  • Spartanrd4Spartanrd4 member
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    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: Dec 10th, 26 weeks

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Team Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: OB appointment next week- I'll probably get the Tdap and rhogam because that's when I got them last time.

    How are you feeling? Sick of summer- I am always hot and sweating. Heartburn! 

    Rants/Raves: My DD started early preschool today, she is getting so big!! 😢 We just got our crib delivered and DH already had it put together when I got home from work. Over the weekend I went through all DDs clothes and picked out everything that the baby could wear (gender neutral) and we got all the baby stuff out of storage. Feel very accomplished!! 

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? We will probably go to an apple cider mill at some point and a pumpkin patch. First college football game of the season was last Friday! 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/4

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: pink

    Upcoming Appointments: glucose and antibody screen tomorrow. Assuming the antibody screen is negative I'll have another quick appointment for Rhogam soon.

    How are you feeling? My upper back was KILLING me today. I'm guessing I slept on it funny. It's feeling a little better now but still not totally better. 

    Rants/Raves: our awful neighbor can't bother us anymore because the city decided the code was on our side regarding our garden. It may be petty but I'm super tickled about it. 

    Questions: anyone else struggling more recently with staying hydrated? I'm in this really bad cycle where I only realize I'm thirsty in the evening, so then I'm up peeing all night. 

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?
    I already put up my fall wreath and embroidered a fall kitchen towel that we have up as well (much to DH's chagrin). I'm getting ready to make DS some fall overalls with little pumpkins on them too but first my back has to improve. Sewing seems to worsen the tension usually. 
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    @bookworm492 that's awesome that you bottle fed baby kittens!  I've always wanted to do that.  I told my husband I wanted to do it on my maternity leave since I'll be home anyway.  He rightfully told me that's a very bad idea to do it at this juncture. 😆
    @k_mama91 me too with the sore feet and swelling.  It just started in the past week and it's definitely worst in the evening. 
    @ale9687 good luck with your GD test results!
    @rjgmcmanus I hope the hurricane misses you and you don't have to evacuate or worry about damage.
    @nothingbuttherain I struggle with water, too.  I'm super busy at work and forget to drink during the day, then I try to fit it all in during the evening, which never ends well.

    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 26w5d... my c section is 11 weeks from today 😯

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: baby girl...Sofie 💕

    Upcoming Appointments: 9/17 for 28wk OB, rhogam shot, and DTAP vaccine

    How are you feeling?  Not bad!  A little insomnia, some leg cramps, and sore/swollen feet.  Some minor pain in my low, low back near my tailbone. Nothing major; knock on wood. Also feeling thankful to have passed my 3 hour glucose test.

    Rants/Raves:  I went back to my hometown for Labor Day weekend and my mom had a little shower for me with some local family and family friends.  It was really sweet and heartwarming.  It's hard to believe that the next time I'm back in town, I'll have a little one.

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? 
    Put on a sweatshirt and drink a pumpkin chai.
  • @k_mama91 We considered the camper deal, but with 3 dogs and 2 cats decided it best to buy a smaller house that we can turn into an investment property! I am totally excited about less space to clean and maintain... I am moreso worried with the boys and a newborn all in the same room. Everyone better adjust like THE FIRST DAY HAHA! Also, are you keeping an eye on your BP? I had pre0-e with my first, but was swollen for MONTHS before the pre-e started. Swelling sucks, maybe once the temps cool down your swelling will go down! 

    @bookworm982 I keep telling myself, people who live in big cities live with less space than this... Get a grip lol

  • @klmcguire i always say people are like goldfish - we can expand and contract into however much space we are given!
  • @klmcguire yup! Lol. People who see my 1k sqft apt tell me it's enormous too! We are considering buying a house next summer and if we do it'll only be about 1200 sqft as well. 
  • @bookworm492 @k_mama91 oooh, you’re making me crave chili and soup!  I also make lots of soup, but we usually don’t save it.  We all eat too much!

    @klmcguire I’ve actually been wanting to downsize for a while.  When we sold our first house, we moved into a newly developed community on the edge of the Bay Area, almost with the intention of it being a jumping off point.  The house is huge, and I’ve been able to go through my stuff to clear out things, but now I’m ready for smaller.  We’re heading for DD 2 😊, so there will be 4 of us soon.

    @rjgmcmanus I hope you stay safe with the hurricane!  I’m a California native and the concept of a hurricane scares me.  I’ll be thinking of you ❤️

    @blueskychicago12 so glad you passed your 3 hour- nice to get over one more hurdle 😉
  • Type your commentEst Due Date/Weeks + Days:  27W3D

    Team Blue/Pink/Green:  Pink 💗

    Upcoming Appointments:  September 18th with OB/GYN- I fortunately passed my 1 hour glucose screening last week.  Almost came out anemic...

    How are you feeling?  Good!  It’s sometimes hard to eat or drink without feeling super backed up, like probably acid reflux, but it passes for the most part.  Sleep has been getting restless.  Still hot here and ready for it to cool off!

    Rants/Raves:  Rave- I went out to grab food last night and the girl taking my order super sweetly said, “I just have to ask because you’re so perfectly rounded and cute, are you pregnant?”  It boosted my self confidence a little ❤️ when I’m feeling so blech about myself 😊

    Rant- Work has been a bitch lately- I always deal with a bunch of complaining man babies, but it’s at almost the worst it has ever been right now.  More details later, maybe on the working board 😛

    Questions:  Not too much of a question, but has anybody been piecing together their birthing plan/rules for the hospital to follow?  I’ve been watching more natural childbirth videos, and I’m actually getting kind of psyched to go for it again.  Last time, like @bookworm492, I think I was more preoccupied with what I didn’t know about basic baby care versus researching the birthing process.

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?  Holiday foods are already premiering at our house!  Also going to Disneyland Halloween Time- one of my favorite things to see for fall- beautiful decorations 🎃 🍂 🥧 
  • @cpk3535 I came out anemic and I’m choking back a high potency iron supplement twice a day. The bottle literally says high potency 😳

    @klmcguire It’s checked biweekly at my appointments and always normal but the swelling and headaches make me think I may need to be checking it at home daily. I hope your boys adjust to their new room quickly! 

    @bookworm492 I’m really weird about food and food safety so I haven’t jumped into canning any type of meats yet. I’m more of a vegetable and sauce person right now.
  • @k_mama91 we are mostly canning vegetarian as well though in the past I've done beef chili and animal stock. 
  • @blueskychicago12 here is a "before and after" shot of one of the 4.  First day and last day in my care. She was under a pound initially but grew to about 3.  She's adopted now and is over 3 years old now 😭

  • @bookworm492 Oh my!  She's adorable!  It's awesome that you gave her a chance at a good life.  A few years ago, I found a newborn baby kitten in a dumpster behind the school where I work (people suck sometimes).  I took her to an animal rescue and I still think about her and wonder if she made it.
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/8    26 Weeks, 4 days

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Team Blue 

    Upcoming Appointments:   Had 26 week appointment on 9/3.   Now we start every 2-week appointments. The next appointment will be the glucose screening and Rhogam shot, lab work, etc. 

    How are you feeling? I think I have a seasonal cold with the weather changes, I'd been taking allergy medicine all summer with seasonal allergies and the past few days it isn't helping at all. 

    Positive is, I've had a huge increase in my energy levels - this may be pregnancy related or thyroid med related.   I had my medication levels increased after my last appointment (22 weeks) so this is usually when you start to feel the full benefit of the new medication dosage.   I've been able to work out every day for the past two weeks with the added energy. 

    I still have reflux, so I have a bottle of Zantac in pretty much every bag I use - I try to take it right away in the morning but just in case I forget I want to be ready for whenever it strikes. 

    Rants/Raves:  Pregnancy brain is hitting me already.... I showed up on 9/3 for my appointment which was apparently supposed to be on 9/4... but the receptionist checked and they had a bunch of cancellations on 9/3 and she was able to get me re-scheduled to the same time as I thought my appointment was at (How in the world did that luck out). 

    Questions: Anyone where this isn't your first pregnancy who is/is not doing the birth classes at your hospital?   This is pregnancy #3 and our second one at the same hospital, they offer a hospital tour/birth prep classes.... at this stage do you still take the class or do you not take them?   

    I wasn't planning to do any of the classes (with the exception of the Sibling class they offer (thinking it'll help little brother) with both kids), but my husband thinks we should do the classes again. 

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?    I put out my Fall decorations throughout the house last weekend, I believe I have another box of them somewhere that I still need to find but those area my more Thanksgiving-y ones.    
    BabyFruit Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • @blueskychicago12 I cannot tell you how much joy caring for kittens brings.  It's a lot of work but omg they're just So HAPPY to be alive. 
    I am a CPA and used to work in public as an auditor,  and I had a pet shelter as a client at one point.  A woman with a few small children brought a bunch of kittens in from foster as they were ready for adoption. The kids were awesome about it.  They treated the kittens like independent living things and not possessions.  I was expecting the kids to melt down when saying goodbye but it was the exact opposite.  That stayed with me for years.  I can't wait to foster animals with my child. 
  • @klmcguire and @bookworm982 So I just downsized too! Also temporarily. I halved our living space from 2.2K to 1.1K sq ft. However, I did things in reverse because I moved from a big city to a tiny one (for my husband's job). Most people go the opposite direction when they go to a rural place. :) How big your place feels is also driven by the layout. Before buying our larger 2.2K apartment, we had a 1K apartment that feels way bigger than where I am now even though it is the same size technically. We get tons of visitors which is why we got the extra space, and I miss it... Now trying to expedite our house hunt.

    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 26 weeks

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Team Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: Friday! I am changing providers due to our relocation, and they do everything all over again... It is going to be a long appointment.

    How are you feeling? Huge! I am so much bigger than with my daughter.

    Rants/Raves: Moving sucks. My husband is starting a new job and all stressed and nervous, and I'm pretty sad about this relocation so probably not the best support system right now. I did not want to move, and am frustrated about the whole thing - nothing really matches what I pictured for my life and I am going through a bit of culture shock to say the least. I'm also worried about my daughter's daycare situation. I'm not happy with it. It is off the side of a highway and has a playground in the middle of a parking lot. They all seem to be this way though! I am in a small city / rural area now, I would've expected something a bit more outdoors. I just got on a waitlist for two places - a Montessori and a nonprofit - that seem to be more oriented toward nature. One is surrounded by fields and the other has a garden that they work on with the kids and spend an hour outside at a time vs. just 30 min. I'm hoping we get off the waitlist quickly.

    Questions: If anyone has relocated from a city to a town or more rural place, any advice?

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do? Apple picking is one, and there is a "fall festival" in a town nearby that looks cute. It has hayrides and stuff for kids. Could be a fun way to adjust to life outside the big city!
  • @bookworm492 that's awesome!  I have a soft spot for senior pets and special needs pets.  If I were independently wealthy, I would love to spend all my time running an animal sanctuary with cats, dogs, goats, etc in need. But fostering is also a great way to make a difference!
  • @g_gabs71016 best wishes with the adjustment to your move.  I can imagine it is not easy to go through such a big life change while also expecting a baby!
  • @g_gabs71016 we moved from Toronto to a nearby suburb to live with my in-laws about 3 months before our son was born. Honestly just having a newborn was such a drastic change and took up so much time that it wasn't until months later that I sort of suddenly realized how the move and the baby sort of combined in my mind as one event that changed my whole life. It became really difficult to mentally separate in my mind which of the 2 was the reason for not being able to see my friends regularly anymore, and why I was feeling so isolated etc. It helped a bit that my husband had friends who I got along with who lived in our new town, but it definitely wasn't the same. 
    I wish I could give you better advice, but given that you already know what it's like having a newborn I'm hoping it's not quite as difficult for you. Fingers crossed for a speedy house hunt!
    June2017-boy, November2019-boy, August2021-?

  • @g-gabs71016 No good advice on moving to a rural area but I’m hoping you find a new house very fast! We moved to a new town a few months ago and know how stressful it can be and lonely. 
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 26w6d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments: 9/12

    How are you feeling?: physically feel fine. Been having some trouble sleeping and some bad leg cramps at night. 

    Rants/Raves: sigh. Just found out I have gestational diabetes. Pretty upset. Every time in this pregnancy I have felt like everything is going to be okay, I get some new unexpected diagnosis to worry about for the next three months. And I’m pissed too because my results have been ready since Tuesday, and they weren’t posted in their patient portal online or sent to my doctor. I’ve been calling the lab for days, and they never pick up and their mailbox is full. I had to call their customer service line and wait on hold for a half hour today before they sent the results. How long would I have been waiting, not knowing if my results were ready, if I hadn’t called? Ugh. I’m in such a bad mood right now. 

    GTKY: Since it’s officially September, what is the first “fall” thing you plan to do?: I’ve already jumped in with my favorite harvest tea from Trader Joe’s. Yum!

  • @pennyandzooey I just “failed” the one hour challenge so I may be joining you after the 4 hour (🤮) on Monday. TBH I’ve been feeling REALLY emotional about it. We eat really healthily, I’m at the gym 4 x weekly and do yoga every weekend, and I have none of the risk factors, so it came out of left field.

    From my research tho (including talking to my doula) it does seem really clear that 1) it is 100% not your fault, and 2) if you manage it decently you are very unlikely to have any complications. Eating a low sugar diet is really good for your baby even if you don’t have GD, so it actually could result in a healthier than normal baby...and it goes away as soon as you give birth. The fact that your lab couldn’t be bothered to give you results quickly kinda speaks volumes...if it were a really big deal they might be more on it?

  • @pennyandzooey I just wanted to echo what @midgerose86 said.  This is not your fault or the result of anything you have done "wrong"! I've read that it can happen to even the healthiest and fittest among us as a result of hormones.  During my research I came to feel as though if there has to be some sort of complication or issue, this seems like a very manageable one.  Your baby is more than likely going to be perfectly healthy and neithet of you are likely to have any lasting effects.  Hang in there. (On a side note, I do think it's bogus that they didn't inform you of your results sooner.  What the hell?)
  • @midgerose86 @blueskychicago12 thanks, guys. It’s been tough to come to terms with. I’ve always been a healthy weight, I eat right, no one in my family is diabetic. I’m a freaking marathoner! And I still got it. But I guess it can really happen to anyone. The good news is that I have studied nutrition, and I love exercise and healthy eating. So I’m pretty confident that I’ll manage it fine. 

    And good luck with your three hour test, @midgerose86 ! Everyone is different, but I found it fine. Just pretty boring. 
  • g_gabs71016g_gabs71016 member
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    @blueskychicago12@CapricaAndrea@ale9687 Thank you for the motivation! I appreciate the well wishes. It will just take time I guess! 

    And good luck to everyone on the glucose test!
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