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Group 1 (2/1-2/7) check in w/o 9/2


Team finding out/pink/blue/green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming appts: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: What is your favorite type of music?

TTC #1 10 Cycles
BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20
Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's

Re: Group 1 (2/1-2/7) check in w/o 9/2

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  • EDD/W+D: 17w5 days 2/7 edd

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: Team finding out. Only 21 more dayS!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Hershey Bar

    Upcoming appts: Virtual appt in the comforts of my own living room on 9/9.

    How are you feeling?: I am feeling great! Definitely starting to look a little more pregnant and less like I just eat too much. So yay for that!

    Rants/Raves: Rave, finally starting to get the spare room, soon to be nursery, cleaned out. It is a MESS and has been a big stresser for me, so I am really anxious to have that completed.


    GTKY: What is your favorite type of music? Usually my car is tuned to country, but if I am feeling crazy, I love me some good old 90's or early 2000's rap.

  • EDD/W+D: 2/1 18+5

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: finding out 2 weeks from today!!!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Artichoke

    Upcoming appts: 9/18

    How are you feeling?: overall, I feel pretty good. I thought I was better in terms of food and things sounding good but I think I’m still having a lot of mild aversions to food. I do have more energy and have been working out but my round ligament pain has made me very uncomfortable when I sleep at night. 

    Rants/Raves: rant: not sleeping well because of the ligament pain. Plus I stood up too quickly last night and feel like I pulled every muscle in my stomach so that’s fun 😭 rave: finally started to feel the baby move more consistently and it’s helping to make all of this more real 😍

    Questions: Any suggestions for how to reveal the gender to our family? we don’t want to have a party but I’d also kinda like to do something fun to tell our parents in person. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite type of music? Honestly I haven’t really been listening to much music lately. I’ve been listening to podcasts and audiobooks when I drive, so I feel way out of the loop when it comes to music (I’m only 28 when did I get so old 😭), but I guess I like pop music and still love the early 00s music for s throwback.
  • EDD/W+D: 2/6/20 17 weeks 6 days

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: 🤐

    Baby is the size of a(n): tall as a Hershey bar

    Upcoming appts: Sept 23rd for 20 week appt & anatomy scan 

    How are you feeling?: Really lacking sleep but otherwise pretty good. I do feel enormous though! I've got a serious bump going!

    Rants/Raves: My mom seems much more excited about this pregnancy than my first. I think she was shocked/not ready to be a grandmother yet (we'd been married a year, owned a home, & we were 27 & 29🤷) but this time around I think she's just plain excited so that makes me happy :)


    GTKY: What is your favorite type of music? We love all types of music in our household! Something is always playing. But typically we gravitate towards country, oldies, & 80s 👍
  • @therealbitts I try to do kegels any time I'm in the car, otherwise I never would remember! Haha
  • @mcbe4990 that’s a good idea! But why do they require so much concentration for me? I feel like I might crash while focusing on my kegels! Lol 
  • @sbalkw91, I gave DH a pinata with blue candy in it to tell him it was boy.  You could do something with balloons or confetti.  Wrap a onesie?  Just some ideas.
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