10 Years TTC (PCOS) Cycles came back... like some kind of miracle. — The Bump
Pregnant after 35

10 Years TTC (PCOS) Cycles came back... like some kind of miracle.

I'm 35, married for almost 12 years. We started TTC in Feb 2009. I had 3 ovulation inductions (successful) and two with back to back IUI's (not successful) that spring. Next stop was IVF. I was young: 25, and didn't want to waste the one-and-done my insurance would allow. They said I was too fat. At 5'8 I could come back when I was 200-220lbs. I was 270 at the time and it felt impossible. Over the years I got bigger (depression from forfeiting, and "failing" my DH). Last year I love 80lbs. I had one out-of-the-blue cycle after using Provera to induce my flux off/on for MANY years. I thought, okay, whatever. It didn't happen again. Cut to me gaining 40-50lbs back (I know, I know, depression is a bitch). Despite by weight backslide, my period arrived in April on it's own. And again in June. And again in July. Two and a half weeks into my July-August cycle, I start spotting, that thick brown end-of-period type stuff, and I remember I have an old ovulation test in the closet, a freebie w/ a PG test from a long bit ago. I had used them before taking Provera. I took it on day 3 of spotting and BLAM, it tested positive. My result line was darker than the control line. I was in disbelief. Used my FSA to buy a Clearblue Fertility Monitor (the touch screen square one) and will use it next month. I'm worried about being heavier than I'd like TTC but am going to start cutting back (I had a super tight diet last year) and see what happens. I'm nervous about having just turned 35 and hope this hormonal spout of "normalcy" isn't a false alarm of some kind. Like, too good to be true, right? Syke, it's menopause. Ha Ha... but seriously...

Advice with regard to similar experiences. I'm glad to be back on this board since leaving in 2011. I hope the support is as good now as it was then. Best wishes to all of you. <3
TTC since 2009 with PCOS and high A1C
2009: 3 ovulation inductions, 2 with b2b IUI's (unsuccessful)
2009-2012: Passively trying for a miracle
2013-2017: Gave up, lost myself.
2018: Lost 80lbs. A1C Normal. No longer Pre-D. Gained some back.
2019: Cycles restarted w/ ovulation. TTC actively.

Re: 10 Years TTC (PCOS) Cycles came back... like some kind of miracle.

  • My situation wasn't exactly like yours but I was diagnosed with PCOS caused by elevated prolactin. We did IVF to conceive our twins and then did a medicated IUI to conceive baby #3. After he was born, I had regular cycles for the first time in my life. It was like the pregnancy "fixed" whatever was causing the elevated prolactin. Fast forward a few years and we conceived our DD on our own (shockingly!). The body is such an odd thing sometimes! 
    Good luck to you! I hope everything works out!
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