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FN with MN Elaine

We’re pretty set on the female middle name for family reasons (though we’re toying with using two middle names - Paige Elaine)... but settling on first name has been hard. First choice is using the pronunciation Madeline like the book, not -lyn. 

FN with MN Elaine 23 votes

Madeline Elaine
17% 4 votes
Daphne Elaine
52% 12 votes
Victoria Elaine
30% 7 votes

Re: FN with MN Elaine

  • I think that pronunciation of Madeline is too matchy to use with Elaine. Daphne is super cute and definitely not common. Love it!
  • @bellebaby221 that’s one reason we’re considering a double middle name. FI loves Madeline but it is VERY matchy with Elaine, but Madeline Paige Elaine breaks it up a bit.
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  • That works better. It's just a lot of names! 
  • Madeline seems to be your clear favourite so I’d go with that 👍🏻 Great name!
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  • I have a Victoria so that is my obvious favorite. I do like the name Madeline but there is 3 Madeline/ Lyn's in my daughters' kindergarten class and another 4 spread out through the other 3 kindergarten classes at the school. Just be aware that it could be comparable to "Jennifer or Jessica" of the 80's. I also like Daphne.
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