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Painful sex after csection

Hi ladies.  I'm 8 months pp and sex is still very painful.  I get an intense burning sensation.  Anyone else experience this?  How long did it last?  

I had an unplanned c section.  I labored for 2.5 days (yes days) and pushed for 5 hours before having a csection.  

Re: Painful sex after csection

  • I'm 4months PP and still having pain too. I labored for several hours, mentioned the pain to my friend last night and she looked at me like I was crazy for not seeing my doctor yet.  :s  
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  • So I am 7 weeks pp, labored 56 hrs, wound up w c-section. Got green light for sex and exercise at 6 wk check up. While I was expecting pain around incision, I was NOT anticipating that I would feel like I was losing my virginity to a butcher knife. No one had EVER mentioned this being a possibility to me and it caught me very off guard. This was a very deep inner vaginal pain, not so much burning but like a cutting tearing sensation. Does that resonate with anyone...? 
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