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Pregnancy Meals/crazy craving and recipe ideas

Please share any meal ideas and awesome recipes here!!  We would all love to hear whatcha got!! Share those crazy cravings too!! Happy eating!🥑🥓🍌🥪🥚

Re: Pregnancy Meals/crazy craving and recipe ideas

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I now want a bacon, egg, and avocado sandwich with a side of banana. Apparently, I’m easily swayed by emojis. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
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    I always want ice cream. Pregnant or not. But it’s 100x more difficult to resist when pregnant. I am motivated to stay within a healthy weight gain though, so I’ve switched my ice cream out for frozen yogurt. Tastes just like ice cream but it’s half the calories 😋
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  • Apparently I’m easily swayed by emojis as well  :*
  • I am craving wild tuna (not canned) and salmon! 🐟🐠

    And one thing I crave every pregnancy is heavy whipping cream! Had that last night with some fresh organic strawberries. 🍓🍓 😄
  • My new obsession is sunbutter!!! Omg i want to lather it on everything!!!!
  • jd614jd614
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    ugh i am struggling to eat healthy. i feel nauseous or have no appetite most of the day so its hard. trying to do smoothies/juices to get some veggies in. otherwise eating tons of watermelon and french toast with berries! would love some lunch ideas. what's everyones doctor say about lunch meat?
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    Awe hun my doctor told me with my oldest he didnt  care what I ate when I was so sick as long as I was able to keep something down.. I lived off Mcdonald french fries and Sprite slushie the first trimester with her. 

    Lunch meats he told me are fine if you buy the prepackaged from the cooler as they are easier temperature controlled then from the deli bar

    Biggest craving is salt and vinegar chips although yesterday I craved banana bread and carrot cake since we don't have an oven at the moment I went to the store to buy and was let down big time!! The carrot cake had pineapple chunks in it 😫

    I have also found I can only do small meals so little at a time then I'll be hungry again in a hour the struggle is real. 
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  • So, I’m a bit lactose intolerant, and besides that never like the taste of milk straight up. Well, the other night I ate something way too spicy and took a sip of milk as an emergency cure... and loved it. I had a whole glass. Sure, my tummy wasn’t too favorable in the end, but it was so satisfying! 
  • @amber2718 I’ve had a few lactose intolerant friends who figured out that they could drink milk without being sick at some point during pregnancy. I don’t know when it kicks in, but maybe you’ll get there. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • @jd614 yes watermelon!!! 

    Ive really developed some food aversions this week and almost everything is nauseating to me even thinking about it. I went grocery shopping tonight and I could have bought alllllll the carbs. 

    I stocked up on lots of bland foods (crackers, granola bars). Not the healthiest but something to snack on anyways. 

    I have been feeling guilty about not eating healthy or enough the last few days. I know it’s not great for baby. 
  • Avacado/guac on toast is my new favorite snack. I pretty much hate all other foods 
  • San Pellegrino I am eating all the avocados on top of all of the English muffins. Sometimes adding in a little hummus for protein even tho I dont want to.
  • I love avocado on English muffins! I add hemp hearts for protein. You barely know they're there. 

    And, same, all the watermelon. Anything fresh and crisp.
  • I love watermelon, too! And I always freeze what we don’t eat fresh so I can make watermelon smoothies but last night I went to the freezer and it was all gone. 

    I kind of wanted to throw a little fit but got ahold of myself. 🙃
  • @ruby_love yum watermelon smoothies! That’s a great idea. 
  • jd614jd614
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    Good idea about the watermelon! 

    I also feel feel guilty about not eating healthy. The first trimester is so important and I’m living on chipwiches . I can also stomach sunbutter on raisin toast. Ha!
  • Craving chocolate milk and goldfish crackers. Makes me feel like a little kid!!!
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