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Weekly Questions - Week of 8/11

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  • Has anyone kept a pregnancy journal? I’m thinking of doing one. With this being only 4 months since I had a MC, I think it would help my anxiety this pregnancy to journal and write letters to my baby. 
  • @ejoseph16 After my first 3 losses, when I found out I was pg with ds1, I kept a journal. It wasn't for the baby it was a place that I could spill my crazy.  PGAL is ridiculously hard, I say do whatever you can to survive. 
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  • @ejoseph16 & @wildrainbow I’m doing a planner.  Keeping track of milestones and pictures and such...  *TW* With my DD being stillborn at 40 wks + 1 day (Sept 2018) I see my entire pregnancy with her as her life and wish I had documented more. *end TW* The planner I have goes by months & has journal pages in it so it can be a combo and hopefully ease my anxiety a little.
  • @mandarenee898 what planner do you use? Also, does anyone have recommendations for planning/journaling apps? 
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    @sanpelligrino I’m using the Erin Condren Monthly planner in the 7’X9” size.  I’m not a “planner” person as I tend to get overwhelmed with too much detail in them.  Let me be clear, I’m not bashing people who use planners as I have tried to use them.  For me, if each line isn’t filled in a more structured planner I feel like I’m failing at planning and then just stop using it.  :lol:

    This monthly planner has a front page with section for monthly goals / birthdays and whatever else you want, then the calendar month then about 4 lined pages that you can use each month for whatever you want.  I don’t journal as much as throw down some bullet points of things I want to remember so this works for me.  I think you can add extra pages per month but I’m not sure if it would be enough for a journal.
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    i LOOOVE my Erin Condren planner. Pricey but worth it! 

    Whats everyones skincare routine? Ive cut out most chemicals but my skin is awful and need to get into a new routine. Im super diligent about skincare and currently flailing!
  • I use Aveeno simply radiant moisturizer and cleanser and it's  the best. My skin is never the greatest in early pregnancy, but this stuff does wonders to keep my skin tone even. My favorite is that it's pretty reasonably priced, which I love, haha. 
  • Is anybody else really struggling with brushing their teeth. It keeps triggering my gag reflex and I almost throw up every time I do it. Sometimes the nausea stays with me all day after. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?

  • @littleredm not this time, but I had that last time.
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  • @littleredm no, but I gag taking my prenatal vitamins... lol
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    Also gagging from my vitamins!  I know this is a total wives tale but I had 0 MS with my 2 boys and now im so nauseous. Maybe its a girl!
  • haha @jd614 i'm always curious about old wives tales, let's see if this one's true. I don't have MS (yet!) so thinking boy? lol 
  • @jd614 I had horrible MS with my son, so I don't believe the old wives tales a bit.

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  • @ejoseph16 I kept a journal where I wrote letters to my baby during my first pregnancy. Plan on writing more but for now I’m slacking (brain still recovering from the last pregnancy and now even more dumbed down, it seems! 🥴) But I’ll grab another journal once we have our first appointment for this baby!
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    littleredm a non alcoholic mouthwash was all I could manage for my three daughters pregnancies- the morning sickness was pretty bad so teeth brushing was on hold for a while.
  • @littleredm Yes! Brushing my teeth is always the thing that turns my nausea into actual vomiting.  During my first pregnancy, my dentist recommended switching to a tiny children’s toothbrush. It actually helped a lot.

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  • @themamalion I will definitely try that. It's just so bad it makes me dread brushing.

  • Should we have a group for women with endo? in case there are specific questions/symptoms we want to discuss?
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