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Any Tulsa moms out there?

No offense to OKC, but I hate how everything on the Knot/Nest/Bump acts like OKC is the only city in Oklahoma. Hello, Tulsa ia a fairly large city too. Would love to be ble to chat with some Tulsa gals!
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Re: Any Tulsa moms out there?

  • Hi I am a Tulsa mom due on October 17 with my first baby!!! ITS A BOY..  I am so excited..
  • I'm a Tulsa mom and know what you mean. It's nice to see someone else from my area. I have a little boy who is 11 weeks old. What about  you?

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  • I'm in Tulsa with a 7 month old little boy.  I would love to get to know some other moms around here!
  • I'm suprised there aren't more Tulsa mom's here. Tulsa's got so much for mom's I wonder how they all communicate and find new things-I just get word of mouth.

  • I'm a Tulsa mom of a three month old girl, who is amazing!! I hardly ever look at this board though. There are a ton of new moms on the regular ok nest board. Congrats on all the new LOs!
  • I'm here!  We moved here in May from keller and hardly know anyone.  I have a precious little girl and have a really bad case of baby fever......
  • Hi, I am a Tulsa (Broken Arrow really) mom.  I have an 8 month old daughter and TTC#2.  I hardly ever come to the OKC board.
  • I live in Tulsa. No kids yet! But one on the way due November 1st.
  • Hey!  We live in the Tulsa area and I know what you mean about the Knot/Nest/Bump and OKC.  When we lived in IL it was same thing, only with Chicago, LOL.

    I am due Oct 6th with my first (a boy!) and I'm currently a SAHM with 11 yr old stepdaughter.  I'd love to chat with other moms & moms-to-be nearby...

  • Hello Tulsa mommies and mommies to be!!!!  I am a 25 year old mommie of Olivia, who will be 2 on October 12th and currently TTC #2!!!!  We live in Sapulpa but both work in Tulsa.  Nice to meet you all!
  • I'm a Tulsa Mommy!  Well actually Broken Arrow, but I grew up in Berryhill and plan on moving back there soon.  Glad to see everyone here!
  • well i'm about 20 min north of tulsa, Claremore mom! My first born is 13 months and we are pregnant with #2 Feb 2010! it's a boy. Some of you asked how mom's get together in Tulsa area well look up your local moms club chapter. I am apart of the one in claremore and LOVE it. the activities slow down a bit during the winter due to the weather.. but great way for ladies and kids to have group play dates! email me if any of you want to chat..i'm never on [email protected]
  • I'm in Tulsa! I just found out I'm pregnant and am due in June. This is my first, so I would love to connect with other new moms in the area.
  • I just saw this.  I don't check this board very often. I'm Tulsa.  Our kiddos are about the same age.  You're welcome to PM me if you ever want to meet up. I have a bunch of friends with kids around the same age. :)
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  • I am a Tulsa/broken arrow mom! I am 23 years old. My daughter is 4 years old, will be 5 I'm march. And I am pregnant with baby number 2 now(: another little girl. We are due on valentines day! Good to know there are other Tulsa mommies on here!(:
  • I am in Tulsa too. Due 7/7
  • I'm a Tulsa mom-to-be! We live on Riverside. I'm 25 and due with our first boy in April.
  • I'm a Tulsa mom-to-be. Due in August :)
  • I'm Going To Be a Tulsa Mom In Late August... Hubby And i Just Moved To Collinsville And Owasso Area...
  • Tulsa mom to a 19 mo daughter
  • I'm in Tulsa. I have a three year old and am due with my second child in July.
  • I'm a soon to be Tulsa mom... Well actually Owasso...


  • I am a Brooksider! I am due in September...and I am a TU student. I am glad there are more Tulsa moms on here than I realized!
  • I"m a Tulsa mom! I have a 4 month old little boy.
  • I'm from Tulsa as well and going to be a FTM in Feb '15.
  • Hello all! I live in Broken Arrow and am going to be a FTM in Feb '15! So excited :)
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  • I'll be a FTM in Dec!!! I'm from Skiatook
  • I'm a Tulsa mom!  We have a 15 month old daughter named Ellison.  We're in Owasso, almost to Collinsville.  My husband and I have lived in the Tulsa area our whole lives.
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  • I just moved to Tulsa. Expecting baby #1 in April/May!
    BFP 8/23/14
    Baby #1 due 4/30/15
    Team Green!

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  • I live just north of Tulsa.  Sadly this board isn't very active :-( 
  • Tulsa(Sand Springs) mom here! I am a mother of 3 and currently 10 weeks pregnant. Scared and excited at the same time!
  • @jabs86‌ have you found a daycare? I'm still somewhat on the fence about the ones I'm looking at
  • Just saw this! I'm also a FTM expecting in April!
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  • Im a sahm of three and expecting our first babygirl on July. Im in sand springs
  • I live in broken arrow!
  • Im from tulsa first time mommy to be due dec 24th with a baby girl!
  • I'm a mother of a wonderful 8 month old boy. My husband, son, and I just resently moved to Owasso from Louisiana. It's good to know that there are more mothers right around with babies around my sons age.
  • 4th baby due in February! I'm in Bixby :)
  • I'm a first time mom who lives in Tulsa. I am due 12/27/19
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