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  • @bows22 I used to work in accounting. I kind of hated it 😬 it wasn't bad at first but it quickly became repetitive and I couldn't handle it anymore. Do you enjoy what you do?

    Add me to the group of ladies having a hard time accepting a larger age gap then I had hoped for. I feel so terrible that I wont be giving DS a sibling super close in age like I had always imagined. I think once we finally get to complete our families that it will end up feeling perfect regardless. It doesnt make it any easier to accept though ❤
  • @tyrion_ I really like how you worded that too!  I need to let go of the fact that I can't control everything.  I'm too much of a control freak, and I get so anxious when I'm not in control of something in my life.  I need to work on that.
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  • @tyrion_ That is such a wonderful way to look at it. Like, when I finally get my second, I’m not going to love my family less just because of the age difference. 


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    @dumbledoredies I do enjoy it! I do audit so I am out of the office a lot working with a lot of different companies/people and I like the variety. I don’t really report to anyone so it makes it SO flexible with DD. That alone makes it hard to give up. 

    @tyrion_❤️ Perfectly said!
  • @bows22 ah yes! Auditing would be a lot more interesting then what I was doing. I was doing subcontractor AP. So the same thing over and over and over again month after month.

    @kpearse99 psh, how rude of them! Share the babies! Do you think they will sell me their baby?

    Kidding obviously. Maybe. 😉
  • tyrion_tyrion_
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    @kpearse99 I’m sorry. That’s hard. And it’s so weird and complicated to be happy and hurt and jealous all at once. 
  • Just here to say that I love you ladies!! 💕♥️💜

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