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Do you have any superstitions?

Re: GTKY 7/16

  • I don’t know if I necessarily believe in any of them but I do knock on wood and say bless you after a sneeze. I probably just do these out of habit and the sneezing one to be polite. 
  • I salute magpies & never put new shoes on the table 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • I believe that dreams can be premonitions.  I also experience deja'vu with some frequency.  
  • I definitely avoid crossing a black cat's path.

    A baby related one would be to not stand over a baby heads (at the top of the head), it will make them go cross eyed ;) hahaha

    also when I was not married I heard a thousand times "Don't sit at the corner of a table you'll never get married" 
  • Never put a purse on the floor and never cheers with water 
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k that’s an interesting one about the baby. I have never heard that one before. 
  • @leprechaunlady I’ve heard about the shoe one, and even though I don’t feel very superstitious about it, I find myself being careful not to do that either lol

    @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I must be full of bad luck 😂😂

    I don’t really have any superstitions, but I don’t like to plan events or big things on Friday the 13th.
  • I must not be very superstitions because I've never heard of a lot of these 😂
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  • @blackcat01 my best friend got married on Friday the 13th. It didn’t end well 😬
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    I also knock on wood, mostly out of habit and if I see a ladder, won't walk under it. I do the car ones a lot and at this point it is purely habit and pretty ridiculous but I've been doing it since middle school and can't seem to stop! If I cross railroad tracks I lift my feet, touch a screw and make a wish. If I run a yellow light I kiss my fingers and tap the roof.  Also, don't put my purse on the floor, it's supposed to bring bad luck to your finances 😅 and in general I always refused to mess with the supernatural like playing bloody Mary ooor using a ouija board, just in case! 😅

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  • I cheers with water all the time! I've never heard of most of these.
  • @kbrown2385 My mom got remarried on Friday the 13th with a full moon. It was a bad marriage that is no longer too. I just don’t understand why she did that lol

    @peppyj9 Sooo that explains my financial issues 😂
  • my cousin got married on friday 13th too but theve just had their 3rd wedding anniversary (& have been together over 10 years) and are having their 3rd child in november.

    & i also cheers with water all the time, especially now im pregnant and have gd!
  • @peppyj9 sameee on the supernatural stuff, no thank you, that creeps me right out
  • Don't give a name to the thing... Which is sort of along the lines of self fulfilling prophecy. And, I throw salt over my shoulder. I believe in bad energy being left behind by previous people.

    I also believe what doctors tell me about my current pregnancy predicts the next one. 

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