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TWW Monday 7/15

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 




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Re: TWW Monday 7/15

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  • Lurking...@shamrocandroll ugh, I am so sorry for all the junk you’re dealing with right now, including those results. Big hugs!
  • bows22bows22
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    I am so so sorry @shamrocandroll. For the BFN and everything else too❤️  You have to come with us to April now though. May is not an option!
  • mvt2003mvt2003
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    @shamrocandroll I'm so sorry for the BFN and adding all of the other crap on top of it just makes it worse. <3 <3 

    @tyrion_ I'm so glad you survived MIL weekend!!! 

    @b_1029 I'm sorry things feel rough right now. If it helps, you're not alone. I think it's incredibly normal to feel that way. 

    @jennifer_louise I'm sorry for the crappy timing! FX for a good RE visit though!

    Month/Cycle: 10/10

    CD/DPO: 23/7

    Timing: Good

    Typical LP length: 12-14 

    Testing: Trying to hold out... who knows though. 

    R/R: I had a lovely weekend. I went to the beach yesterday (had to evacuate the water bc of a shark sighting though!), then had dinner with my gfs. MH was less than thrilled when he saw the charge hit the account for dinner though. Let's just say we had a very good time for ourselves!!! 

    CS/Q: Temp dip today and yesterday. I'm wondering if it's because I slept with my mouth open (I've been congested) and had some rose last night. 

    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018
  • @begging4abump @jennifer_louise @bows22 @mvt2003 Thank you, ladies.  <3

    @bows22 I guess we'll see what the next cycle brings!  This is shaping up to be a 35 day cycle from the looks of it, which miiight just put me over the edge into May if I have another longer cycle next month...
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    Me: 34 | H: 39
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)

  • Oh I wanted to add @b_1029 my boobs are the same. Sometimes. They hurt for like a week Pre-AF and sometimes not at all. Last cycle was terrible, and I blamed the Clomid (which is totally made up)

    @mvt2003 OoooOooOh a shark sighting?! That is what freaks me out about the ocean! It could also be that I've never lived by the ocean so I am much more comfortable as a land-lubber. I know it's ironic because I do live in a place with mountain lions and rattlesnakes though...

    @lcking82 FX AF stays away!!

  • mvt2003mvt2003
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    @jennifer_louise Ha it was pretty freaky. The past few years have gotten more intense, I don't remember there being this many sightings when I was a kid! It's also relatively early in the season too (aka the water is still freezing!) I must say I would probably be more afraid of the mountain lions and rattlesnakes!! Guess it's all about where we grow up!
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018
  • sevennsevenn
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    @tyrion_ - victory!  hopefully you'll have fulfilled your DIL duties for a while?
    @b_1029 - gosh that sounds like a few emotionally draining encounters.  hope you can find some time to unwind after all of that
    @shamrocandroll - UGH!  so sorry for BFN and the tiffs with DH.  
    @jennifer_louise - i had to look up the CBDA interpretations more than once this cycle.  Exciting that you've got RE in the works though if this isn't your cycle.  Fx it is
    @mvt2003 - good for you with the girls night!
    @lcking82 - I LOL'd to your cat thermometer sabotage

    Month/Cycle: 9/9

    CD/DPO: 14/5

    Timing: -2, -1

    Typical LP length: 14d

    Testing: at least holding out to 10 DPO?  If the FRER in my drawer doesn't burn a hole...

    R/R: nice weekend and "easy" day at work made this Monday not too terrible for me.  And they're installing the windows in our addition hopefully!  i'm at that part of my cycle that is always so optimistic feeling... too early to test, sore boobs, "maybe it actually worked."  Anyone here have stores with Fertilaid?  If no BFP this round, gonna take it next cycle.  Maybe it will sort out my early O, just scared of making my cycle worse.

    CS/Q: nah

    Me: 32 DH: 33
    Married May 2013
    TTC #1: April 2016 (Mirena removed March 2016 after 2.5 years)a
    BFP #1: 10/14/16 - DD born 6/2017  <3
    TTC #2 November 2018 (Mirena removed October 2018 after 1 year)

  • @b_1029 - That sounds exhausting! I hope you have a better day soon.
    @shamrocandroll - Sorry about BFN ❤️
    @mvt2003 - Girls night sounds so fun! I haven't had one in ages. 
    @lcking82 - LOL - I am so afraid that my dog will get at my Ovusense tracker! 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 18/5

    Timing: Okay

    Typical LP length: 14

    Testing: WFAF

    R/R: Did some redecorating of my home this weekend, got a new tv, new mattress and some more decor. It's so nice to feel proud of my home again 😊

    CS/Q: Is it normal for temps to keep rising after Ovulation? It's my first time temping. Unfortunately my Ovusense device only arrived the day I got a + OPK so I don't have any before data. I thought it was supposed to level off? Any help would be appreciated or if this is supposed to go in another section, let  me know! 

  • tyrion_tyrion_
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    @b_1029 I’m sorry your dad’s comment is getting to you. And in your defense, if my husband told me someone was “struggling” and then told me that time frame for trying, I’d play them the tiniest violin on earth. 

    @shamrocandroll Man, I really am sorry about the bfn. And WTF to the septic!? This just isn’t even
    fair anymore.

    @jennifer_louise I’m sorry about this crap cycle but your comment under “cs/q” made me LOL. 

    @mvt2003 Yikes, I wouldn’t I have gone back in the water. I’m such a chicken about water creatures.

    @lcking82 Glad you had a good weekend heading into a hectic week! 

    @sevenn My cheapie HPTs are telling me to test irrationally early. Hope you have the strength to wait and ignore the FRER burning in your drawer. 

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