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Telling difference between late and missed period

Little bit of background, I was on the pill from October 2017 - January 2019. January 2018-19 being after my body adjusted to the pill. Was off for February and March and period started right back up when it was supposed to in February 2019. April-May 2019 I was on the pill again. My last period was definitely on June 10th, 2019 (I texted my husband how much I hate periods that day). So probably looking at about June 8th, maybe June 9th for period start date. After that is when we started TTC. It's now July 13th and so far two negative test results and no period. My cycle is 28 days on the pill, was about 28-30 days off the pill, so right now I'm looking at 3-5 days late probably. Last test we took was on the 11th, so two days ago. How long after period do you guys wait? I hate to waste money on tests just for it to come back negative, or for my period to maybe start later that day. The first time I stopped the pill (after I year) I had no problem starting my period up the next month, then off for two months, then on the pill again for two months. So I don't think my period is irregular from the pill. It's just annoying hoping you're waiting long enough just for it to be a negative and then thinking, you're wasting money because you're being impatient. Thank you :) 

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    Your cycle can be 28 days and then change as the years go by. It’s very common. Periods are always irregular after the pill. Nobody is going to be immune to that side effect. After regulation from the pill, which takes some time for the majority of women, our period is never late. Either it’s not here yet because of Ovulation date never being the same (it never is for anyone), your body is still adjusting to the artificial hormone fluctuations caused by the pill (the most likely culprit) or you’re a SS and KTFU. It’s never a waste of $ to utilize Hpt when TTC. It’s part of the investment. Waiting to see what happens and testing again is your only option. 
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