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Monmouth Medical vs. Jersey Shore

Hi everyone, I am currently looking for a new OBGYN and want to make my decision based on which hospital is best to deliver at?  I have been told that Monmouth Medical used to be the best in Monmouth County, but recently has gone down hill.  I have heard the Jersey Shore is now better for delivering.  With so much conflicting information and opinions it would be great to get some feedback from you gals.  Thank you :) 

Re: Monmouth Medical vs. Jersey Shore

  • Following, I have the same question, but I'm leaning towards Jersey Shore bec they have NICU 
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    I have the exact same question! I Have heard good and bad about both, but am leaning towards jersey shore because they have a special midwifery program with a tub available. But would love to have more details. 
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