HDBD 7/10 — The Bump
January 2020 Moms

HDBD 7/10

I think it's about that time bumps are starting to show.  Let's get it started!

Re: HDBD 7/10

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  • @marebear15 yes, sooo much bigger 🤣
  • Yay! Love this! You all look adorable! 
  • @marebear15 I hope you sent your sister the picture. 😂
  • Better late than never. This was at 12w5d:

  • Im a large girl to begin with but this was 14+3. ita mostly fat but it's being pushed  up and out by baby lol
    February Siggy Challenge- Post pregnancy indulgences

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  • Look at all those wonderful bumps ladies! I'll post mine next week. I was too lazy to take one this week  o:)
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