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WTO Thursday 7/11

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Thursday 7/11

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  • @ttcbabyodo When is grad school over? I am sure that gets so exhausting! Major props to you for managing all that. I can definitely relate to DH stuff. Hopefully once he settles in he will stay awake for you.  If not then you can definitely have that talk with him. 
  • Month/Cycle: 14/9/4 AL

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: Femara, Metformin, prenatal, Conceive Plus, HIO EOD, BW on CD21, temping/tracking with FF.

    R/R: My work neighbors moved in yesterday...it hasn’t been too loud yet, but we will see! This may decrease the time I can be on here...I do mobile and really shouldn’t be on my phone so much, but I’ll still try and check in when I can. Also, first day with no coffee...I feel good about it because I don’t need the caffeine or all the calories from the creamer! I may change my tune later today though! Haha. 

    CS/Q: No, just waiting for O.

    @emeraldduchess good luck with your US today...I know you are looking forward to getting a glimpse, and hopefully the cramping after won’t be too bad! Hopefully the drive will go smoothly too!

    @newmomtx06 sorry you had a stomach bug yesterday! Glad you feel better today, hopefully you can take it easy even though you have stuff to get done! 

    @ejoseph16 sounds like your meeting went great...and that’s very exciting you were chosen to lead training!! Have fun with your nephew today, swimming & ice cream sounds like the perfect day!! There isn’t anything much sweeter than seeing your DH interact with a little one, is there?! ☺️

    @ttcbabyodo sorry grad school is a bit overwhelming right now! How much longer do you have? That definitely stinks your DH slept through the whole evening/night and you had no time together! Hopefully that won’t happen again tonight!

  • @ttcbabyodo I have had arguments with MH about the same thing. I try to catch it before I say it, but sometimes it slips when I’m really annoyed. I feel your pain on grad school! When are you done? 

    @bluetickgal MH is a constant reminder of how I know he’s going to be an amazing father! Last night he did bed time routine and it was the sweetest. MH came into my life after my nephew was born, so to hear him say “I love you, uncle JJ” is the sweetest. It melts my heart! I admire your ability to cut coffee! I cut back to 8 oz. of caffeinated coffee a day, but giving it up completely?! Props. Major props! 
  • Thanks, ladies! I finish grad school in December and will walk at graduation in June. It's been a LONG three years (I'm part-time). Tues-Weds-Thurs are the most difficult days, because those are the days I see clients at my internship and I have class those nights, as well. On top of all that, I also am full-time active duty in the military, and have to stand duty every so often (like tomorrow). So, essentially, I won't even really see MH until I get home from duty on Saturday morning. I'm griping, but whatevs.
    Me: 34 / DH: 39
  • @emeraldduchess GL at your appointment! Let us know how it goes.

    @newmomtx06 Welcome! Glad you are feeling better.

    @ejoseph16 Glad the meeting went well. Margaritas? That’s awesome! That’s great that you are going to be doing some leadership stuff.

    @ttcbabyodo When is grad school done? It will be such a relief for you!

    @bluetickgal GL with the no caffeine! I tried and failed with that. 

    Month/Cycle: 11/11

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: Ava, OPK, Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, fertility testing

    R/R: Today I really need to get packing/organized for my trip! I also have an acupuncture appointment this afternoon. No signs of O yet so I guess that means HIO creepy ninja style while staying with my sister..



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  • @emeraldduchess Good luck with the ultrasound today. 

    @newmomtx06 Yuck. Sorry about the stomach bug. That’s the worst. 

    @ejoseph16 So glad your meeting was awesome. Enjoy the last day with your nephew. I hope the pool is great. 

    @ttcbabyodo I definitely don’t miss grad school. Hope things slow down soon. Sorry about your H falling asleep on you again. It’s so hard to feel like you’re alone in everything. I hope he gets acclimated soon so you can get more time with him. 

    @bluetickgal I hope things keep going well with the work neighbors. I gave up coffee in law school when I was doing Jenny Craig also because of the calories in the creamer. Switched to black tea for the caffeine boost. It worked. I don’t put cream in tea, so less calories. 

    @misshelen86 Have a great trip. Hope the ninja style does the trick for you. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • @emeraldduchess - I hope all goes well with the u/s!

    @newmomtx06 - Oh no, I hope you're feeling better today!

    @ejoseph16 - that's exciting that you're being recognized as a leader! Have fun at the pool and getting ice cream! How fun that he got to spend a week with you. So sweet about your H!

    @ttcbabyodo - yeah there are a couple things I've wanted to be like "do you think this is going to fly if/when we have a kid??" We can bite our tongues together....or not!

    @bluetickgal - good luck with no coffee!

    @misshelen86 - good luck packing and have a nice acupuncture appt!

    Month/Cycle: 11/11

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: OPK's, CM, EOD, prenatals, shatavari, evening primrose oil, preseed, Ovia, acupuncture

    R/R: rant re: SA in spoiler because I'm long winded....

    Had an unpleasant conversation last night re: getting an SA soon. I wasn't planning to bring it up till the end of this cycle (even though really, he's 40 and is the older of us two and probably should have had it done months ago when I was getting my progesterone/estrogen/FSH checked), but he kind of brought it up casually so I was like, "We should think about being proactive about that at the end of this cycle." He was quickly like, no I don't think we're there yet and I explained that we definitely are. He sees it as "freaking out" and getting too intense about it and was talking about how we can't pour "tens of thousands of dollars" into this process (ummm, it's just a lab test dude), and how "people get pregnant all the time without thinking about it so much." I've had months to come to terms with the fact that yeah, that's true and it's frustrating but it's just not the case for us, but he hasn't been approaching it the same way. I feel for him, it can't be pleasant to think there might be sperm issues....but I tried to frame it as "Let's just get some info, we have a right to know what's going on with our bodies." Anyway....we were okay this morning and I'm not going to bring it up again this cycle, he tends to think about things by himself after we have an argument and just giving him space do that has gotten him to come around to my way of thinking in the past. I just hope talking about it didn't create too much stress for him going into FW which I think starts tomorrow.

    CS/Q: Maybe TMI (if there's such a thing as TMI on a TTC board) - have we all heard that saliva can be harmful to sperm so shouldn't used as lube? It's one of those tips that I've mostly disregarded for the sake of my mental health, like you can't seriously tell me no one has ever conceived when there's been oral sex involved. But now almost a year in I'm thinking maybe I've been too lax about random pointers like that. I did start using preseed, but I mean...sometimes there's saliva involved too beforehand honestly. It's sex after all! Anyway, do other people keep this in mind when HIO?

    me: 35 / so: 40 *** ttc #1 7/2018
  • @whitealbum29 - Sorry about the stuff going on in your SA spoiler. That has to be so frustrating. We're not there yet, but there is a possibility for us to be in your shoes in a few months. We'll be the same ages as you & your DH, and to top it off, MH is a smoker, so I'm almost certain that is playing a role in our TCC journey.

    And about the saliva thing: yes, the though crosses my mind. And because I'm such a worrier, I try to use as little as possible during HIO, especially in FW. Squeezing a tube of PreSeed just isn't as romantic as...well, other things, lol.
    Me: 34 / DH: 39
  • @whitealbum29 I’m sorry about the SA discussion not being the best. I feel like men just don’t get what we go through and then don’t want to think that they could be part of the problem too. As for money, though, our SA was $40. Maybe hearing that it wasn’t too expensive for others will help.


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • @ejoseph16 that is so sweet!! That’s awesome you all have been able to have him all week, I’m sure you are all treasuring that time! ☺️ It’s the same with my DH and our nieces/nephews, he came into the picture after 4 of them were born and you would never know it by how much they love him!! He is a big kid at heart, so of course that helps! Thanks, I did the same cutting back from a huge thermos daily last year to just one cup a day. The caffeine headache is in full force right now, but hopefully I can stick it out! **TW - I switched to decaf when I found out I was pregnant before and continued for a bit even after the MC, but then realized a little caffeine is totally fine and switched back. End TW** It’s more about the calories than the caffeine now (and also to help DH with it), but hopefully it will be a good change for us.

    @ttcbabyodo wow, you are a busy, busy lady!! Hopefully the next few months will fly by and at least grad school classes will be off your plate! What are you getting your degree in? Will you leave the military after or still have time left on your contract? 

    @misshelen86 thanks, we’ll see if I can stick it out! Haha, good luck with the creepy ninja style...that should make it interesting! 

    @mercury94 Thanks! Oh, that’s a good alternative! I do like tea, but would probably need to put a bit of sugar in it. I’m gonna try and stick with the no caffeine for now, but that’s definitely an option if I feel like I need some! That stinks DH wasn’t feeling up to it last night, hopefully he’ll make up for it tonight! That’s definitely frustrating to feel like you are putting in more effort, but maybe it’s like you said and he’s just optimistic about it.

    @whitealbum29 that stinks you all had a not-so-great convo about the SA! Hopefully he’ll come around and be willing to do one! As far as the saliva thing, that’s something I think about and try to limit as well...I would think with using sperm-friendly lube as well, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal! Although now you have me thinking more about it...
  • Thanks everyone! Definitely happy to be feeling better today.

    @ttcbabyodo so much respect to your schedule! You got this. 

    @mercury94  I can feel this way about DH too. I am all in, tracking, temping, and taking OPK’s. During my FW last time he “just didn’t feel like it.” I was so angry. I am trying to be understanding because he has had a very busy few months But it’s hard to feel like you’re the only one who cares.

    @misshelen86  enjoy the trip! 

    @whitealbum29 so sorry about SA troubles.  Hopefully he gets on board soon! 

    @emeraldduchess glad everything went well today and that you got some extra points with DH! 

  • @newmomtx06 @bluetickgal @emeraldduchess

    Thanks, ladies for commiserating on the DH not feeling up to it stuff. We had lunch today and I mentioned it to him. He said that he’s just still optimistic and he figured that it’s only really required when I get a positive OPK. Also that he doesn’t really do well with just telling him we are supposed to. He wants me to help him get in the mood, which I can’t do when I’m not in the mood either and I’m just initiating for baby making purposes. It’s frustrating, but we’ll figure it out. I just hate that I’m over here tracking everything and trying to figure out when our best chance is and he’s expecting romance. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • @mercury94 - Yes I figured it wouldn't be much! My bloodwork certainly didn't break the bank and that was 3 tests. I missed yours before, so sorry your H didn't make it happen last night! I completely relate. My SO is the same way with the "I'm just optimistic, we don't have to do it every time you think we do." Like who's been doing all the research into how this works buddy?? This isn't just a wild theory we all came up with about FW! I don't think it really means they're less committed to the idea of having a baby though...they've just been poisoned by the idea that it's easy to get KU and want it to be all excitement all the time! So frustrating! :angry: I hope your H gets on board with reality soon...You can have romance 3 weeks a month dudes, just get your head in the game for 6 damn days!
    @ttcbabyodo - thank you! Yeah I think maybe I've been a little mindful the past couple months during FW, just not super strict about it. Maybe I will this month.
    @emeraldduchess - Thank you! Yeah he said he was going to do some research which hopefully will calm him down. Glad the u/s went well and that your H is now aware of some of the crap we go through, frequently without talking about it! I sometimes think to myself it would have been useful to me if my SO had been present for my IUD insertion a few years ago and heard my doctor say "wow, you did great!"
    me: 35 / so: 40 *** ttc #1 7/2018
  • @bluetickgal - My masters degree is in clinical mental health counseling with a focus on child & adolescent development. Once I finish my degree, I'll have just over two years left until I'm retirement eligible, so I think I'll take a break (to have some babies, lol) and then resume my residency once I'm retired from the military. It sounds weird to be discussing retirement when I'll be 37, but hey, at least I have a second career waiting for me on the other side of it! That was my whole motivation for going for my master's, so that I won't feel bereft once I retire out into civilian life. I'm actually quite excited. My ultimate goal is to be a school therapist, either working at one school itself (a private school would be ideal, rather than public school) or within a district. I'm not real picky, though, so long as I'm employed.

    And thanks @newmomtx06 & @emeraldduchess! I feel crazy for wanting to add a child to the mix, but I kinda feel like at our age it's now or never, you know? Plus, when I was younger, I always told myself, "I'll have kids when I'm ready" and I've never felt more ready than I do now. I'm at the most stable I've ever been, and even though it's scary to think about becoming parents, I know that time is tickin'!
    Me: 34 / DH: 39
  • @emeraldduchess thanks, I’m hoping it gets easier once I get past the initial little bit. I’m actually not a wine drinker, so I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve debated on sharing that I don’t like wine on the UO thread, but I’m afraid I’ll get exiled...I saw the strong opinions a week or two ago about different types of wines! Haha. I’m so happy your US went well! I think sometimes our DH’s need a reminder of how tough we are! ☺️

    @ttcbabyodo sounds like you have a great plan! That’s awesome you have been able to get your Masters while serving, although I’m sure that has not been easy at all! Big props to you!! That is exciting you will be able to have a second career after you retire...although I’ll admit a little funny to think about retiring at 37! I’d say being a school therapist will be a nice change of pace from the military. What branch are you? My husband was a Marine, but before I met him...so I’ve heard lots of stories, but have not experienced military life. 
  • I'm in the Coast Guard. :)
    Me: 34 / DH: 39
  • @whitealbum29 you should have seen his face when he saw the tray with all the instruments. I think the speculum horrified him. :D 
    Have you ever seen "The Great Sperm Race"?  It's a documentary that you can find on YouTube.  It's kind of silly in some ways(humans portray the sperm), but it does a really good job of showing all the obstacles that sperm face on the way to the egg. If you can get your SO to watch it, it might help him understand why it's not a bad idea to have a SA!
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    TTC #1: July 2018
    BFP 12/7/18, EDD 8/20/19
    CP 12/17/18 @ 5 weeks, 1 day
    BFP 7/1/19, CP confirmed 7/3/19
    First RE consult 5/2019
    HyCoSy: all clear! Moving on to testing for RPL
    TTGP August Signature Challenge: Camping

  • @emeraldduchess Oh interesting, thank you! We should both check it out.
    me: 35 / so: 40 *** ttc #1 7/2018
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