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  • I went to Nashville (about 2 hours away from me) to my office Wednesday... I left my computer there on accident and I have been acting like my husbands computer is non existent and I have enjoyed my small break. We will brain pregnancy brain.

    My admin UPSed it to me, so here I am waiting for my computer and I am dreading the amount of emails I am about to see. 

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    I feel like all of mine have been food related the past few weeks...and this week is no different.

    So, I live in Virginia Beach, and if you've ever been to a Mexican restaurant in the Hampton Roads region, there's this thing called white sauce--you don't find it outside of this area. It's served at every decent Mexican restaurant alongside salsa and chips before you get a meal. ANYWAY, all week, I've been wanting Mexican. So last night, I prepped dinner for tonight, since my sister is coming to town--chicken enchiladas, red rice, refried beans, salsa, AND I went so far as to find a white sauce recipe online and make it myself, because Mexican isn't the same without it. (I've lived here 10 years, and have apparently gone native.)

    I made 3 cups worth of white sauce. We may or may not be down to about 2.5 cups worth due to my "taste testing" yesterday evening.

    It's so bad, guys...if you knew what was in it...I'm so ashamed. Seriously. How I'm not a total whale at this point in my pregnancy is beyond me.
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  • @rjgmcmanus Ok well now I have to know what's in it. 

    Also I'm on my second McDonald's poutine of the week, plus I'll be at a wedding tonight for dinner/dessert/snacks so you're not alone. 
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    @CapricaAndrea It's a toss up: some are mayo based, some are Miracle Whip based. I used the Miracle Whip. Literally, it's just that, milk, and spices. So fattening, so gross if you think about it too long. And so delicious.

    Also, I just got home for lunch, and as I was prepping my sandwich, took another glance at my ingredients from last night...God bless my sweet husband. He had picked up the "light" version of everything for me to make, and I didn't realize it until just now. So now I don't feel quite as terrible. It's not great, but still, not as bad as I initially thought.

    He's a good man.
  • @rjgmcmanus Oh man, we make a dip sometimes out of half mayo, half sour cream and then a smoked spice blend we make ourselves. I can't make it too often because when we have it, I put that shit on everything :D And then buy plain ruffled chips to eat with it too. 
    me: 37, Ontario, audio editor
    Big Brother Asher, June 2017

  • @CapricaAndrea you had me at poutine.... I had no idea McD's in Canada would have that. mmmm.

    Mine is two part: I'm really enjoying my OB saying deli mean is a-ok in 2nd trimester and eating it like once a week. I never ate it this much before. 

    Part two: my new employee is one of those people that when she uses the bathroom runs water and it DRIVES me nuts. My landlord covers the water bill for the building, so it's not even like I'm paying for it... it is just so WASTEFUL!
  • @CapricaAndrea That sounds DELICIOUS. And now I don't feel so bad, haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes terrible, delicious dips.
  • @anniemarie887 @CapricaAndrea Well, now I want poutine too. The last time I had decent poutine was when we did a trip up to Halifax last October...any place I've gone to since then here in the US that's served poutine is just meh.
  • I will now definitely be having poutine on the ferry this evening. Hopefully it will also help soothe the large amounts of rage coursing through my veins for no real apparent reason. I am so irratible today. And I'm stuck in a car travelling with my MIL and FIL...
  • I may or may not have an entire drawer in my kitchen dedicated to chick fila sauce.......
  • I craved poutine in my last pregnancy, and I live in Tennessee! :neutral: There was a time when we had a poutine food truck in town but I don't think it exists anymore. 
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