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FFFC 6/21

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  • I got a Pizza Hut dinner box for me and baby last night. This morning it dawned on me that while I’ve had plenty of fruit, I’ve had zero vegetables this week. Oops - fell off the healthy bandwagon.
  • @anniemarie887 My FFFC is similar this week!

    On Tuesday, I realized I hadn't had a single vegetable since Saturday. One of my girlfriends and I were meeting up for Chinese that night. So I ordered beef and broccoli with extra broccoli and a veggie eggroll instead of a pork eggroll...because that makes me SO much healthier, lol. :-P

    I also got crab rangoons and pork friend rice. And it was all DELICIOUS.
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  • @rjgmcmanus that all sounds delish! And now I want Chinese  ;)
  • My husband's grandfather passed away yesterday, and I feel like a horrible person, but I can't help wondering if we will inherit any money because he was apparently quite well off. 

    For context, my husband was not close to him at all, and in fact had a lot of anger and dislike for him for a multitude of reasons. He lived about 20 minutes from us and I only ever met him once when he happened to be at my in-laws house at the same time as us. He wasn't invited to our wedding, but gifted us a $90 crystal candy dish that my husband proceeded to use as an ashtray because who uses a candy dish anymore? We knew his health was deteriorating rapidly, and he was on full-time oxygen, but my husband still didn't have any desire to go see him. 
    me: 37, Ontario, audio editor
    Big Brother Asher, June 2017

  • @anniemarie887 Also, I forgot to mention in my earlier comment: marinara sauce is made with tomatoes. And I know that's technically a fruit, but most people don't count it as one, and I TOTALLY count it as part of your vegetable intake. You're welcome. ;-)
  • Our cafeteria at work has a “chef’s table” where they have weekly specials. I had a red curry bowl 3 times this week for lunch. It was sooooo good. I’d do it again today if I were going to be here for lunch.
  • @CapricaAndrea Family relationships can be tricky sometimes. I don't think your thoughts make you a horrible person--it sounds like it was a complicated relationship, like your husband probably had valid reasons for his feelings about his grandfather, and you're working through that in your own way. I understand that--we have complicated relationships with some members of his family too, including his mother and brother, both of whom I've currently blocked on my phone and my e-mail for a variety of reasons.

    Whatever the outcome, inheritance or not, I do hope for peace and closure for your family.
  • @sunshineandlemons I want that now. That sounds delicious.
  • @rjgmcmanus Thanks for your kind words. It's just really hard not to think about finances when it's the forefront of a lot of things right now, with baby #2 coming, and me in the process of job hunting. It's almost a reflex now for my first thought about anything to be "how does this impact us financially?" So it really doesn't even necessarily have anything to do with their relationship specifically, though that is it's own can of worms too. 
    me: 37, Ontario, audio editor
    Big Brother Asher, June 2017

  • @CapricaAndrea Totally get that--we're only on baby number one, and in the process of restructuring our budget. I know we'll be fine, but it's still nerve wracking, especially since I won't be working for 3 months after baby is born--so that's a few thousand dollars we're working on saving now so that we'll be fine when I'm on maternity leave. And believe me, I'd probably be thinking the same things you are if something happened to his mother: "Will we get anything, and if so, how much?" Not that I actually wish any harm to her, but yeah...complicated relationship there.
  • @rjgmcmanus trust me part of the “fruit” was all the tomato sauce, haha. I have had French fries, which if I’m being generous some people count as a veggie. Oh well, one bad week ain’t gonna hurt me. 

    @sunshineandlemons man, the cafeteria is the only thing I miss about my days being housed in an Ops center. Nothing better than a $2 grilled cheese.

    @CapricaAndrea hey, you’re just being honest. Fairly certain you’re not the only person thinking that way, you just had the balls to verbalize it. So for that, kudos to you!
  • @anniemarie887 I totally want one of those boxes now. That looks amazing.

  • @klmcguire best $12 I’ve spent all week 
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