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Triggered tonight...meds tomorrow?

Hey y’ I triggered tonight at 8pm. ER is scheduled for Tuesday at 8am. 
Ive been taking Cetrotide every morning for 4 days. It prevents ovulation. Should I take it tomorrow (Monday) morning as well? Isn’t that counterproductive? I can’t get a hold of my RE office today so I’m bringing the shot to work in case I have to take it. 
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Re: Triggered tonight...meds tomorrow?

  • The day I was told to do the trigger shot they said to discontinue all meds and inject only the trigger. That was my protocol anyway, but I wasn't using Cetrotide.

    The answer might also be in the packet of information they gave you regarding your IVF timeline.
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  • Hey!! I was taking cetrotide and after the trigger you don't take it because you want the trigger to work to get your follicles ready to be removed!! Hope you get those answers today! Good luck with the retrieval!!!
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  • I always triggered in the evenings and my last cetrotide was always that morning. After the trigger I never took any more meds other than an antibiotic the night before retrieval. I would keep trying to get in touch with your RE just in case though. It doesn't make sense to me to do any more cetrotide after you trigger, but who knows, every protocol is always different.
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