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Canceled Transfer Due to Thin Lining

Hi!  Our transfer that was scheduled for tomorrow is now canceled because my lining is too thin.  They usually like to see the lining between 7-8mm however because I naturally have a thin lining they said they've seen many pregnancies happen at a 6mm and would be fine with that.  My doctor is recommending a few protocols so we have to decide which one we want to go with.  One of them is just a natural cycle with no drugs (hesitant on that one), stimming myself like we are doing a retrieval or doing this concoction of meds that include Viagra and Vitamin E.  Has anyone had any luck with the third?  We have only one normal tested emrbyo so a lot is riding on this :)

Re: Canceled Transfer Due to Thin Lining

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    Sorry to hear that your transfer got cancelled.  I used stims (menopur), worked like a charm!  Synthetic estrogen does nothing for me, but menopur got my lining to an 11.  I have heard of women using viagra, from my research there is little to no evidence that it actually works.  I have one friend that tried it, and it did not help...

    Good luck on your transfer, it sounds like your doctor is giving you lots of options, which is great.
  • Hey!!! I had one cycle called because of thin lining and they converted to “natural” with letrozole very close monitoring. I got to 6.4mm and we did the transfer. *TW* Unfortunately it ended with a chemical pregnancy. We have to do another egg retrieval first but my doctor already said would change up. We are doing a thin lining protocol for a future FET with IM estrogen, viagra, aspirin, vit E. I obviously don’t know how it will go but just wanted to say you arent alone!!! Good luck!!!
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