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Olive or Iris?

Baby girl is due at the end of August and we still haven’t decided on her name. My husband loves Olive and, while I do too, I’m also starting to love Iris. My only concern is that Iris doesn’t really have any good nicknames. Which would you choose- Olive or Iris? Big brother is James. 

Re: Olive or Iris?

  • leighryleighry member
    I love Iris. Doesn't need a nickname! But you will find sometimes nicknames have nothing to do with their actual name anyway. We call our oldest (Natalie) Cakes. I vote Iris!
  • Iris. Not a fan of Olive.
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  • Why decide now? Bring both names with you to delivery, meet her and decide then.  Not everything has to be done before birth.  We did and sure glad that we did as our top contender didn't fit her personality and it just didn't feel right after meeting her, so our second choice was so much better after meeting her.
  • I like Iris better but I think Olive goes better with James.

  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Iris! Much prettier in my opinion.
  • My vote is for Iris.
  • I vote Olive. I like both but Iris is getting pretty popular right now so I think Olive is more unique. Plus I think that Liv is a cute nn. :)

  • I prefer Iris between the two. Olive doesn’t feel complete to me. Liv is a cute non, but pretty common in my area with all the Olivias. 


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  • I love Olive. When I hear the name Iris all I can think of is Iris the virus  :/
  • Iris

    Olive will always be a food

  • Iris by a mile.
    Olive is always a food and a color to me, too. And I have to admit, as a name it's just always sounded a bit homely to me. 
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Olive was on my list and I still love it!!
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