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How did or will you share the news with your SO, family, and friends? If you are choosing to share your announcement on social media, how do you plan on doing that and when? I would love to see your fun ideas and read your sweet stories. 

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  • I had my two littlest color a picture with parents and 4 kids.  I tried to find a dad and 4 girls, but no luck, so we just added longer hair to two of the boys.  He was away on a work trip when I took the test, and had no idea.  Usually he sees every squinter up until he finally agrees there is a line, so this was different. 

    I probably won't announce on Facebook until after the anatomy scan(if we get that far).  We are just assuming it's a girl but once we know for sure I'd like to do a cute photo with my other three girls.  Maybe matching outfits with a 4th, or something like that. 
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  • With dd I gave my husband a copy of going on a bear hunt along with the positive test as that was his favourite story as a child.
    this time I gave him warning a few days before I tested that i was late & it was a possibility & then sent him a pic of the test.

    we didnt do any social media announcements last time & prob wont this time either, just not our thing. Weve already told close family.

    my friend did get me a big sister tshirt for dd but not sure if or when I will do anything with that.
  • I started testing early every morning as soon as feasibly possible to see a positive and when I finally did I just came back into bed, woke him and said "I passed the test!" I always thought I'd do something fun to let MH know, but when it came down to it, I was just too happy to bother with being creative. 🤷‍♀️ I told my 3 closest friends in person, no fanfare. Most of our family lives in different states so not sure what we'll do when we're ready, but I might have to steal @marebear15 sign idea. It's cute, simple and to the point. 
  • @peppyj9 - You can steal the picture if you want. It works well for texts and stuff.
    DH (30) + Me (28) - May '15
    TTC #1: Mar '16 - Jan '17 | DD1: Sep '17 (41w)
    TTC #2: May '18 - May '19 | CP: Jan '19 (4w+6d) | DD2: Jan '20 (40w4d)
    TTC #3: NTNP | EDD: Jun '21
  • So the first test I was so shocked that I just came downstairs after I got out of my shower, wrapped up in my towel, and just handed him the test. We weren't 100% sure because I also had a TERRIBLE UTI that had come on that day and I know that UTIs can sometimes give a false positive on the tests. So waited a week and tested again, plus at that point I was a week late, and o it's totally confirmed LOL. Next time I'll do something cute. But we had just gotten off birth control Mid-April, so I definitely wasn't expecting it to happen this quickly.

    We are waiting to tell the parents after our scan on June 18th, but he wants to tell them in person. And I'm like... That'll totes tip the moms off that something's up that we are driving from philly to MD and having them hang out together at once. They aren't stupid. LOL. So still gotta figure out the plan for the parents. I also plan to tell one friend before the second trimester and my cousin, but other than that, we are waiting until the second trimester to tell friends.
  • With H I called him to tell him while he was driving to work. I thought I was testing for peace of mind/so I could have a beer that night (it was a Friday) and was absolutely shocked it was positive. I needed to process with my person!

    Very close friends and family we just told. I'll probably do a social media announcement after the NT just because that's the easiest way to get the information out there. I don't super love pregnancy attention but sometimes playing the game a little can buy me fewer questions later.

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    I usually don’t do any announcements but I did tell my DD who is almost 3 by showing her the dating ultrasound and she was super excited and says she thinks there’s a sister in there haha. With DH we’ve just been cautious up till now.

    With DD I didn’t post anything on social media until I was in my last two months, everyone who needed to know knew. I did find this cute picture on Pinterest a while back that showed rainbow coloured confetti 🎉 coming out of a champagne bottle for New Years and since my due date is 1/1 it might be fitting! I’ll try to find it and post it here.

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  • I bought this shirt for 4th of July to tell my family since it will be after we do our confirmation appointment with US (obviously it will say January2020). My husband will call his parents the same day, and we plan on telling our daughter at the doctors appointment so she can see the ultrasound. 

    I think for social media we will draw balloons on the floor in chalk that say big sister and have her "hold" them. But I'm not sure. 
  • @dmd2019 - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the “Red, White and Due” idea!

    Third pregnancy, hopefully first baby. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, still haven’t told DH. My first appointment is the 6/18 and I’d like to see a fetus/heartbeat first. I also would like a pic to slip into a “new dad” Father’s Day card ❤️

    If I can hide it long enough, I’m thinking of telling family at a cookout sometime Labor Day weekend (last weekend of August/first weekend September). DH’s little brother is getting married mid August, and I don’t want to steal any of that thunder. I also don’t want to deal with any unnecessary stress of people bugging me everyday. That would make me about 18-19 weeks. Another pro of that is we could to a gender based reveal. 

  • I told my husband by having our daughter hand him the pregnancy test when he came inside from doing something in his truck and I was getting her shoes on for them to leave.  
    We told our parents earlier than planned by having her wear a big sister shirt that I found quickly & cheaply because the one I ordered hadn't come in yet and I found out my dad was going to be leaving to visit my sister in Alaska and be gone on Father's Day (when we planned to tell them).
    We'll announce this weekend on social media by having a pic of our daughter in the ordered big sis shirt, sitting on his lap while he holds a letter board sign that says something like "Baby Jones due January 2020", and my caption is going to say "Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy."

  • I had planned to do something cute for H when I got the positive test but in reality I just handed it to him when he came home! We're planning to tell our families during Father's day so finally getting close! For FIL I got a fishing lure and for my dad golf balls. My parents are divorced so still working on how to tell my mom since I don't usually see her around father's day. We're not planning to announce on social media until we also know if it's a boy/girl so probably not til August or so. Our anniversary is the end of August so we might do some with that. Definitely including the dogs in whatever we do though. 
  • We just told my family at a Father's Day cookout yesterday with my DD (2.5) wearing a "Big Sis" shirt. It took a few minutes for someone to catch on, so was hilarious. We'll tell MIL and that side on Thursday with the same shirt. Not sure how we'll tell the larger world. With DD I wanted to wait until 20 weeks when we knew the gender, but it was spoiled by siblings and MIL who told friends who "don't know you guys!" but obviously have friends and kids who do know us, who told others. It was annoying. 
    Me: 31
    DH: 32

    Married: Sep 2012
    TTC #1: Jan 2015
    Baby A (via IUI due to MFI): Sep 2016 born at 35+6

    Surprise but very welcome + on 5/16/2019, EDD 1/25/2020
  • @valerie4786 your DD is adorable!

    Me: 31
    DH: 32

    Married: Sep 2012
    TTC #1: Jan 2015
    Baby A (via IUI due to MFI): Sep 2016 born at 35+6

    Surprise but very welcome + on 5/16/2019, EDD 1/25/2020
  • @bosslady925 Thanks!!  I'm pretty smitten with her. 😍

  • anyone else *not* looking forward to announcing? This is number four for us so I can just hear the judgement and disapproval already. I see my parents several times a week and have had many chances to tell them but haven’t been able to yet. Not looking forward to sharing the news, and it makes me kinda sad that I feel that way, because I should be excited! 🙁

  • Getting my announcement ready. Just imagine a cute kid where that spaghetti splat is.
    DH (30) + Me (28) - May '15
    TTC #1: Mar '16 - Jan '17 | DD1: Sep '17 (41w)
    TTC #2: May '18 - May '19 | CP: Jan '19 (4w+6d) | DD2: Jan '20 (40w4d)
    TTC #3: NTNP | EDD: Jun '21
  • @mrsbuddd I always hate telling people. I don't like getting a lot of attention and I don't want to hear other's opinions on how to handle things or on what I'm doing. Last time at work, I told 3 people and then just let it spread.
  • @mrsbuddd oh yeah, same boat. #2 for me but #3 for us as a couple is sooner than expected. We were planning to get a bigger house first but things happen. Not looking forward to seeing the disappointment and fake congrats from certain family members. I think we are just going to casually slip it in to the conversation “ oh when the baby comes in January...”  and see what happens. 
  • @mrsbuddd @trauen812 I'm sorry you guys feel that people would judge you. Is it just because of how many children you have? I always thought a pregnancy is great news, no matter what number. This is a new concept to me, that people, family especially, would disapprove of adding to the family. I mean, I guess if you were poverty stricken maybe don't keep breeding, but otherwise, children are a blessing! Shame on them. 
  • @peppyj9 I think people are complicated, we are excited about it and hopeful that others will be as well. So we are putting off sharing the news for as long as we can and hopefully they surprise us.
  • @peppyj9 Everyone who knows us knows that we have been trying really hard to buy a bigger house for like 2+ years (the market is crazy where we live right now), so I think it will just be really obvious that this wasn’t the plan. My family is also just really outspoken about the fact that they don’t think we need to have more children. 🙄 Also, even when we announced #3 we got a lot of comments about birth control and do we know what it is. People suck sometimes. 
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