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  • Well, a. I failed at trying to put in a gif. 
    And, b. I really miss pants. I am officially uncomfortable in all my regular ones but not motivated to buy maternity. 
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  • @anniemarie887 Yea I have pretty much switched over to dresses (for work) or nike shorts with elastic waist. 

  • @k_mama91 that’s comical.
    @klmcguire I generally like wearing dresses, especially since it’s warm. But in typical fashion I want what I *cant* have and seriously miss pants. I may have to indulge in some online shopping today. 
  • I went full blown maternity.  I can wear business casual to work, but usually go with scrubs because it is easier.  The scrubs stopped fitting quickly.  The only issue is I am mildly allergic to elastic so I get itchy.

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • Ive been in maternity bottoms for several weeks now but I’m officially in the shirts too. I can’t stand having my belly constricted.
  • I'm in the process of job hunting, outside of my industry, because I work freelance and need to bank some insurable hours in order be able to get more than zero for maternity leave. Also trying to secure something before my bump becomes noticeable. As if job hunting doesn't suck enough under regular circumstances. 
    me: 37, Ontario, audio editor
    Big Brother Asher, June 2017

  • Omg I am so sick of water too !!! @rjgmcmanus
  • @ktmaesim @rjgmcmanus I’ll third. And I think I’ve concluded baby doesn’t like coffee. So today I treated myself to a fountain coke. 

    I will say, I’m really enjoying lemonade as a caffeine free, but not water, but still hydrating, option. 
  • @anniemarie887 Oooooh. Lemonade sounds nice. I think I'll have to get some myself.
  • @CapricaAndrea That sounds stressful. Crossing my finger for you!
  • Ok ladies, I could use a little support if you all don't mind.  Today I was called in to a meeting with HR.  I am a special education teacher working with teenagers with autism and I have been at my job for 10 years.  I love what I do, but there are some risks involved because my students can be aggressive.
    Just recently, they put a new student in my class who throws tables and chairs.  My doctor wrote me a note saying I should be excused from activities with a risk of falls or abdominal trauma.  Today, HR told me they cannot accommodate that request.
    When they told me that, I burst in to tears.  I felt so unprofessional, but it comes down to feeling very vulnerable in my position and in the moment I felt so unsupported.
    The principal called me later and tried to smooth things over, and it seems that if I get a new doctor's note with different stipulations, they will accept it.  I will need to stay home until it is all sorted and a new letter is approved, and I resent having to use PTO that I was saving for maternity leave.  Hopefully, everything will work out, but it was a super stressful day.

  • @blueskychicago12 First of all, you are amazing and you need to know that. My sister works with special needs kids too, and I think anyone who does that deserves all the gold medals.

    Second, do not feel unprofessional. What they said warrants tears. It's frustrating and heartbreaking that they don't seem to care about the position you are in.

    Third, I'm glad they are giving you the opportunity to get a different note. But I'm pissed for you that they're making you use your own time until it's settled.

    Fourth, I'm saying a prayer for you. This is an aggravating situation, and being pregnant is hard enough without dealing with this crap.

    Fifth, again, you are amazing, and don't forget it! You are a warrior and a goddess and you can do anything!
  • ninrmsninrms member
    @blueskychicago12 I'm so sorry for your situation. What an unnecessarily frustrating ordeal you're being put through. Can I ask--do you teach for a public school or a private organization? Do you have a union available to you, and if so, have you reached out to them? It seems ridiculous to me that you'd have to use your PTO while you wait for your employer to sort things out, and that your employer wouldn't be more willing to look out for your situation.

    Also, I don't think your tears make you unprofessional at all. I'm also a teacher, and that's an extremely vulnerable job (where teachers often feels unsupported, at least in my own personal experience). Add pregnancy to that, and I think it's logical you'd end up feeling that way and showing your emotions.

    Does your employer know you're pregnant? You'd think (or hope) they'd want to support you and keep you safe. :\ I am a general education teacher, but did some special ed (autism) subbing while I was getting my license. We had a kindergartener who would destroy our classroom in minutes, and I remember how scary that was. I can't imagine being in a room with a teenager who is being so physical.

    Stay strong, and vent here all you want! I'm sending positive vibes your way!

    And @rjgmcmanus --- yes!! I echo everything you've said!
  • @rjgmcmanus @ninrms thank you so much, ladies.  It feels good to share with others who understand.  They do know I am pregnant, which is why it is even more upsetting.  They put a new, highly aggressive student in my classroom last week not long after I had disclosed my pregnancy.  I felt comfortable prior to that because I have worked with most of my students for several years and I know them so well and I am aware of their triggers.  Unfortunately, I work for a private program and don't have access to a union. 
  • @blueskychicago12 Who do we need to punch for you? Just say the word.
  • @blueskychicago12 I’m so sorry. Two of my closest friends are teachers and have had babies in the last 18 mos. It’s a tough job. I’m sorry you have to use your PTO but I hope they work with you. Also, tears totally warranted. I think we all would do the same in your shoes. 
  • @blueskychicago12 sorry you are having to deal with such a sticky situation. 

     I am so all over the place. Bouncing from energy to exhausted, my boobs hurt, I am somehow constipated and also have diarrhea....
  • @jandawg omg me too, I've been going back and forth from having constipation to diarrhea for weeks. It's getting really old!!! 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • @Spartanrd4 well that sucks for us both but hey, at least we're not alone.
  • Glad we have a randoms thread this week! I need options/ideas for what everyone did for their bachelorette party! I'm asking for my best friend who's getting married in November. She just knows she doesn't want to do Vegas or a Paint night. Let me know ladies!!! :-) 
  • @ktmaesim you're near Chicago, right?  I planned a fun bachelorette weekend for a friend here in the city.  We did a spa day and a little party at a rooftop bar.  Or you could rent a boat!  I could go on and on with Chicago ideas.  Another idea for something outside of the city would be to rent a house or cabin near a lake or beach for the weekend and do a low key girls' weekend there.  Just depends on the kind of vibe you want.
  • @ktmaesim I feel like I've done so many things - if you guys are up for traveling, we've done NYC, Nashville, Miami, Austin, Charleston and Disney twice. Disney is actually super fun if that's your kind of thing. I also recommend Charleston, we rented a sailboat the day and it was awesome!
  • Not sure how I’m feeling right now. I’m 12w6d, woke up feeling fine this morning and then when I used the bathroom there was red blood when I wiped. I actually had my NT scan this morning so I went right over to the office for the apt. I told the nurse and the tech what happened and as soon as they started the ultrasound we saw baby boy was doing great. Measuring right on track with a strong HB. The dr who came in said I have partial placenta prevaria and that could be a cause for the bleeding. I’m happy that baby’s doing well, but not sure if I should expect more bleeding or if it was a onetime thing. I have a normal ob apt next week, idk how I’m going to stay calm between appointments. And just my luck DH is traveling for work tulle Friday night. 
  • @ale9687 I’m sorry for the scare, but glad baby looks good! Can your OB see you sooner if that makes you feel better? My SIL had placenta previa early on and it corrected itself. 
  • @ale9687 Oh my goodness, that's so scary. I remember that feeling--I had some spotting a couple weeks ago due to my SCH, and I was TERRIFIED. I'm SO glad though that it happened for you the same day you had an appointment, and I'm thrilled to hear baby boy is doing great. Praying for peace and calm for you. Take care of yourself, try to rest and relax until the next appointment. I'd say have a glass of wine, but...maybe a virgin daiquiri instead.
  • In the land of stupid things people say: why in the world do people think it’s ok to ask if a pregnancy was planned?! 
  • @anniemarie887, I swear people say the most thoughtless, rude stuff to pregnant women.  So frustrating.
  • @anniemarie887 I’m going to call to see if I can move my apt up to earlier next week. 
    @rjgmcmanus I’m going to be getting a big bowl of ice cream tonight, I’ve been using ice cream as my replacement for wine haha. 
  • @ale9687 I’m sorry for the scare! I’m right there with you, my spotting has become a constant. I know everything is fine but staying calm between appointments is impossible! I’ve been using Dairy Queen blizzards to keep calm 🤣
  • @anniemarie887 I haven’t gotten that one yet, but I keep getting asked if I am high risk because I am advanced maternal age....., which in itself is rude, but I am 32!  I keep telling myself it is because I had my older kids when I was much younger.

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • @anninemarie887 omg yes! now, my daughter was not planned but 3 years later we are clearly over the shock and can make light of it, but when I was pregnant I was still in shock when I would get asked that. But I loved seeing their faces when we'd say "no... we were both laid off and had a lot of free time so we're not too surprised"  :D which was the complete truth.

    @holly321 that makes me feel good about myself being that I'm turing 32 at the end of the month. 

    I just keep getting the "wait, you're only how far along?!" question. ya, sorry bitch but I have a short torso and it's my second so I'm showing early! 
  • @ashorkey I would’ve loved seeing you give that response!
  • @anniemarie887 I get that because I am unmarried.  We are looking at getting married in 2019, but we had planned that before we were able to conceive.  We have never wanted a wedding other than a casual elopement.  I'm sure people are going to assume we got married quickly and cheaply just due to the pregnancy. 
  • k_mama91k_mama91 member
    edited June 2019
    @bookworm492 people assumed the same when I got married. We picked a random Friday and got a justice of the peace. The baby everyone was waiting for is finally making it’s debut..several years later lol

    ETA I also had DS out of wedlock. This isn’t 1950, people are so judgmental these days 😑
  • @k_mama91 for us it is that I'm 37.  Marriage can happen at any age but having a child cannot.   It just made more sense to prioritize this. 

    I am unsure how his very catholic parents will react,  he hasn't told them.  He is not a practicing catholic and is not close with his family.  He said if they react negatively then they'll just have to accept they won't be included in our family (they won't be included much regardless,  they've always kept their distance and are very formal/ uptight).

    My parents were just fine with the news like you said times are different and they've always known for me I just don't need the big family wedding. 
  • We had our first out of wedlock. We were engaged for 6 years by the time she was born. Actually getting married wasn’t a priority for us with our careers taking off, working on a designation, and buying a house, etc. We (finally) got married this February in the courthouse with our family attending. The older I got, the less and less I wanted a traditional wedding. Plus, we were ready to start trying for #2!
  • @anniemarie887 it was generally a good response we got from them like a "oh ya, I guess I could see that happening then" lol

    Yesterday I ended up going into my midwifes clinic for some pelvic pain and pressure I've been having to rule out a UTI and My pregnant snark struck in full force!

    CNA: so I see you've been having pressure low in your pelvic area. Can you explain what you're feeling?
    Me: uh, pressure, in my lower pelvis. 
    CNA: Ok. I deserved that one. 

    Luckily we were able to both have a good laugh about it.  But on top of that. Did you know that you can strain your pelvis and your round ligament? Yep, you can. And I somehow managed to do it at 10 weeks (2 weeks ago) so off to PT I go. 
  • @ashorkey that sounds painful, hopefully PT helps.
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