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TTGP Grad Check-in w/o 5/30

This is a check-in for those that were active in TTGP board before moving over here. Feel free to answer the questions or just make general conversation. All TTGPers from other BMBs are welcome to participate!

What's going on this week? 

How far along are you?

Upcoming appointments?




Re: TTGP Grad Check-in w/o 5/30

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  • kbrown2385kbrown2385 member
    edited May 2019
    @marebear15 I’m jealous you can gif 😫. Hope the sinus infection goes away soon! Not fair to have that on top of regular pregnancy stuff. And seriously, can it just be the 2nd tri already? I need my anxiety level to decrease significantly. On the plus side, the February thread is already gathering on the 1st trimester board so we won’t be the newbies here soon. 

    Edit words are hard
  • @marebear15 are you though? 🤔
  • What's going on this week? Baby is the size of a chocolate chip 

    How far along are you? 6 weeks today

    Upcoming appointments? A week from today, but it’s just intake with an RN. Then the “real” appointments will be scheduled 

    Cravings/Symptoms? Nothing sounds appetizing. I’m so tired and my brain feels fuzzy. Nausea is getting worse daily it seems like. Never actually got sick with DS but I don’t think I’ll be that lucky this time 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I’m so over Texas. And summer. And summer in Texas. 

    Questions? Going to copy @marebear15 and ask if it can just be second tru already?
  • Has anyone lurked the ttgp board lately? Today’s fffc is interesting..
    One of our F17 ladies is on the ttgp board & mentioned this on our fb chat. Wtaf? 6 years of catfishing??
  • What's going on this week? We are coming back from spending the day with dh's family. It was a really nice day. 

    How far along are you? 5 weeks

    Upcoming appointments? 6/25

    Cravings/Symptoms? No cravings. Sweets make me nauseous. Lots of dull cramping. I have had really bad insomnia.  It's part of the reason why I haven't posted lately, I am just so tired when I do have time to sit down and type. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I wore maternity shorts this week. They were super comfy but I dont have enough bloat to hold them up. I am expecting that will come soon. 

    That FFC was intense!

    Questions? Nothing that i can think of. 
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