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June 2019 Moms

Is anyone still around?

It sure was a quiet week on this board. 
Did I miss the formation of an FB group? 

Re: Is anyone still around?

  • I’m still here :) it has been pretty dead though....
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  • Wondering the same.
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  • I kept having issues logging in and it was a crazy week in general. If there was a fb group tho I missed it too!
  • Check your inbox
  • I was waiting patiently to hear about a Facebook group also... :-/
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  • AshleighDBAshleighDB member
    edited May 2019
    I have been MIA for awhile because the app kept crashing on my phone. I finally got around to logging in to a computer this evening, totally didn't expect this board to be so quiet! Hope everyone is doing well! 

  • Hey y’all - I was MIA for a bit too but solely due to technology and mental health. If there was a fb group started for us June mommas I would love to be included <3
  • hboo562hboo562 member
    ghost town around here! 
  • ajel46ajel46 member
    I finally get my app to work but the app has become a ghost town! What happened?
  • There was an argument and people split off into FB groups early. 
  • I could never get on to the community section until just recently. Two weeks away from my due date haha. Hoping everyone else’s pregnancy’s are coming along great!
  • insomnicatsinsomnicats member
    edited May 2019
    I've been off the board since December. Just my own personal choice,  deleted my FB, moved to a diff state, been working a lot from home and getting ready for the LO.  Due date is 6-24.. everything is good I'm just so busy working and getting things ready.. my dad is even ordering baby clothes.. so funny I'm 42 and this will be his first grandchild. DH is commuting 4 hrs a day and it's wearing on him now.  So that's pretty much my update.  Belly got huge the last 2 months but didn't gain much over the pregnancy. Maybe 25 lbs but most of that came the last few months.  

    How's everyone else doing?
  • I haven't been on since like late 1st tri. My baby was due June 5th but was born at 37weeks to the day. May 15th. It's been pretty amazing being a mom. Could never have imagined it
  • Yup!! Due May 30!!
  • @catsnkids wow 37 to the day, hope all went well! 
    Baby is due June 3rd! I bet he’ll wait right up until the end..
  • Ashers423Ashers423 member
    edited May 2019
    I still check back randomly... I just can’t keep up with the format and organization. I am still much more active in my 8/16 Facebook group 

    totally commented on wrong months board 
    see I can’t follow
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