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Weekend Randoms 5/25-5/26

Re: Weekend Randoms 5/25-5/26

  • We have friends over from London for the weekend so weve been to a maratime festival in the city, going for dinner tonight & then doing touristy things like the giants causeway tomorrow.
  • @leprechaunlady that sounds fun but exhausting!

    I’m on the struggle bus today but dragged kiddo and I to the park successfully. Now praying for a long nap for us both!

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  • @leprechaunlady sounds like a fun weekend!

    @Xstatic3333 ds keeps asking to go the park. I have zero energy for it though. Maybe tomorrow.

    Im exhausted. DS woke me up at 130 because his feet were cold 🙄. I’m hoping to get a good nap in. My legs have started to ache, which is new for me. I had trouble getting comfortable last night because of it. 
  • My DD (12 months) still wakes up every 2-3 hours. My husband and I trade off but I’m freakin exhausted. I work full time. We planned a trip to Disney in 3 weeks and I already foresee it being a disaster. Any travel tips for a one year old.

  • We're refinishing the upstairs hardwoods this weekend.  We did the first floor hardwoods about a year ago and they turned out great.  Pregnancy wasn't exactly in the plans when I scheduled to rent the sanders for this time, so this project blows because of my shortness of breath from pregnancy mixed with fine sawdust. 

  • @justsuzie we did a couple of days at Disney when my son was 11 months and it went great. There was so much to look at that it was much easier to entertain him than the times we’ve tried a “relaxing” beach trip. Just go at a slow pace, go back to swim/cool off as needed, and embrace “can’t do it all.” Where are you staying?

  • @justsuzie we did a major road trip when DS was one and it was actually not terrible. My biggest advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself or your kid to make it “perfect.” The more you schedule the more frustrated you will get when things don’t go perfectly according to your plan. Because one year olds never follow the plan 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I got up early to cheer on friends running a 5k and take pictures for them. Then I tried to take a nap but I am the worst at napping no matter how tired I am. So we went to Costco instead! I wasn’t sure how it would go because I’ve felt a little queasy all day, but I did ok and now I am laying on the couch because I’m too tired to function lol
  • @Xstatic3333 we are staying at The Art of Animation. I’m hoping that we can go back and forth for naps.  
    @MrsJessS do you think
    lunch reservations were a bad idea? 

  • @MrsJessS I'm a horrible napper as well. It's  so frustrating when I'm tired! The only time I'm guaranteed to fall asleep is when I'm hungover. Which rarely ever happens these days.
  • @justsuzie awesome! That place looks great and it’ll be easy to get back with the buses. I made lunch reservations for our August trip because I figured it would be a good way to beat the heat. We’re basically planning parks for the morning and then like 4-6, break in the middle.   

  • @justsuzie no I think that’ll be fine! Especially since it can be hard to get a sit down lunch without reservations it seems like! For us we always had a general “plan” but nothing set in stone. Lunch is a necessity and it should be easy enough to maneuver your sag around it!  Other things, it made a huge difference for me to go in with the right mindset. If you expect her to do well she’s more likely to do well. If you are stressed that she’ll not do well, kids can pick up on that and she will likely react to your stress. Disney is so fun and people take kids there for a reason!

    @dumbledoredies it’s the worst! I can be about falling over I’m so tired but I can’t actually nap. So frustrating 
  • So I’ve been having some pains in my lower stomach(even before I found out I was pregnant) but it seems they have worsened since being pregnant. I spoke to an OB nurse and she just told me to go to the ER if the pain starts radiating to my leg or shoulder and if I throw up from the pain or get a fever. She also moved up my ultrasound which I first I was excited about but now I’m nervous. Originally I was going to be seen at 9 weeks and 3 days now I’m being seen at 7 weeks and 4 days(if I’m not earlier than I think). I’m nervous because if I don’t see a heartbeat even if it’s just because I’m earlier than expected I will freak. Ahhh 
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