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TW (Twat Waffle) Tuesday

Whose irritating you today?


Re: TW (Twat Waffle) Tuesday

  • My dog. He sleeps in his crate in our room and has recently decided to bark and throw a fit every time the cat walks into the room. So naturally she comes in and out of the room at least ten times a night. So she’s a TW too
  • jacerujaceru member
    @MrsJessS ugh my cat is the worst too. He wakes us up at 5:45 on the dot every morning for food. 
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  • Me! I am a twat waffle! 
    I absolutely had to have a spicy chicken salad for lunch, knowing that morning sickness kicked in yesterday. My throat is now on fire after throwing up for the 3rd time today ☹️
  • People taking up more than one spot on the subway. I want to sit!
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  • The rocks in our landscaping! Yes, an inanimate object. I've decided to put down new weed fabric and I spent 2 hours working on it while my toddler napped and got 2 tiny sections done. It's going to take me a lifetime to finish because their are 5 million rocks and they are so hard to move. Why do I take on projects like this? Why?
  • gabadoogabadoo member
    People taking up more than one spot on the subway. I want to sit!
    The worst! I took the subway home yesterday morning after my overnight shift and was grateful that I was "reverse commuting" for once! That seat never felt so good!
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  • peppyj9peppyj9 member
    edited May 2019
    I know it's no longer Tuesday but I have to rant about my deflating and humiliating doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I went in so excited, not sure what to expect and apparently it was just to confirm the pregnancy and then refer me to an OB. Well, my doctor, who I saw in Dec to discuss the fact that I was going to be TTC in the next few months, came in and gave me a half hearted congratulations and then proceeded to tell me **TW** that because of my weight I will probably miscarry and if I don't will definitely need a Csection earlier than my due date **END TW**  I left feeling terrified, ashamed, and humiliated. But after a couple days of feeling like shit about myself, I am now just angry. Not only for her blatant rudeness and assumptions but for her inconsistency. I mean, the whole point of my appt in Dec was to discuss these issues BEFORE TTC and at that time, she was so encouraging, talked to me about temping and suggested a Mediterranean diet, which I did and lost 30lbs. We even did bloodwork and everything came back great. No high blood pressure, no hyper tension, cholesterol is good,  all levels of everything were exactly where they should be. Other than my actual weight I got a clean bill of health and the green light to TTC. The only concern she expressed was that it might take me a while to get pregnant and now I just feel like "were you just blowing smoke up my ass because you didn't think I'd get pregnant? Well, surprise bitch, I did, and pretty quickly too!" I'm just glad she's not the one I'll be seeing throughout and hope my OB is more supportive and encouraging. Because despite the outcome, me and my baby deserve the proper care and respect that any pregnant woman would get. 

    Edit: added details
  • Holy crap @peppyj9! That’s awful and ridiculously wrong. I see moms of all shapes and sizes walking around all over the place, most of whom aren’t living with the healthy habits that you clearly are. I would never see that doctor again if I were you. I hate nothing more than when people are reduced to numbers. Don’t let her get to you too bad, you’re clearly doing amazing with your healthy changes. 

  • @peppyj9 your dr can go f herself. I am overweight and it has nothing to do with my losses. There are also many overweight women who have healthy pregnancies and babies. Id find someone better equipped to help you. 
  • peppyj9peppyj9 member
    @Xstatic3333 thank you! I really have been trying to be better diet wise and I don't have any unhealthy habits like smoking or drugs and in my field of work I talk to plenty of pregnant women who go to the methadone clinic daily!

    @kbrown2385 you're so right. Loss is such a terrible and unfair event, but it can happen to anyone, regardless of weight and isn't caused BECAUSE of weight. There are so many other factors. 

    After feeling bad about myself, I thought about it and realized how horribly wrong she was! I am never going to her again. I'm nervous I'll get a similar attitude from my OB who I don't meet until June 6th. But I was referred as "very high risk" so I'm hoping my person will be more experienced and much kinder.
  • @peppyj9 wow I would never, ever see that doctor again. I'm so sorry that you had such a crappy experience. Nobody deserves to be told that they will probably miscarry for any reason. To imply that it's something we can control is just ignorant and wrong. I really hope that your OB is kinder and reassures you that everything will be fine.
  • @peppyj9 that is terrible! I'd report the doctor if they're part of a group. That is completely uncalled for and unprofessional. Don't let it get to you too much!
  • peppyj9peppyj9 member
    @dumbledoredies @persnickity thank you. ❤

    I'm feeling better about it now that I've vented about it and gotten some reassurance. I'm not going to let her ignorance ruin my joy a minute longer. Now I'm just wishing I could go back in time and call her out on the spot. I am absolutely going to be explaining exactly what happened when I request a new primary so they know why I never want to be under her care again. We are new to the area, so I've only seen her the 2 times, so definitely not a loss of any kind. Good riddance!
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