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2nd Transfer After Chemical Pregnancy

Hi Ladies,
I am scheduled for our 2nd transfer on June 16th. We had our 1st transfer on April 13th which resulted in a chemical pregnancy in week 5. Looking for advice if there is anything I should do differently this 2nd go around. We have 2 frozen embryos left and to say it feels like this is a last resort is an understatement. With our last transfer I did everything from acupuncture to eating pineapple :) I have to be honest that I am afraid because I want this next round to work so badly.

Re: 2nd Transfer After Chemical Pregnancy

  • Hey!!! Just want to say I am in the same boat and had a chemical pregnancy and lost him at 5weeks after our transfer on April 18th. I unfortunately found out our other embryo was lost in the original thaw and now have to do another egg retrieval. Even though can’t give you advice to go forward, just want you to know your not alone!!! 
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