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I was just wondering if anyone else is using Tinybeans and how you like it? I love it so far but I've only shared it with my mom. It seems to be a great way to share photos and videos of our LOs with the ability to limit the viewers. Much more so than FB.

Anyone else using it it have better alternatives? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    I've been using tinybeans every day and absolutely love it! I first heard of it through my step-sister. She lives in England and it has been so fun keeping up with her twin girls each day for the past year.

    My husband's family doesn't live around us and they love the daily photos and videos and I love it because I'm not overloading Facebook or Instagram with tons of photos of my baby! I enjoy the privacy and it's super user friendly.


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  • 23 Snaps is very user-friendly, and has greater privacy than FB. It's also free!
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  • I use photo stream on the iPhone. By coincidence my immediate family and in laws all have iPhones so we can share photos with one another, without anyone else seeing. You can have separate streams for different groups depending on who wants to see what. It's been really good.
  • What is Tinybeans?
  • It's a free photo sharing service that lets you upload photos video and make comments on them. Then you can invite people to view it with a login. (You can also disinvite them too if need be.) those that you've invited can also add and comment if you give them permission.

    I found out about it from the company that did the hospital photos. I really like it so far. They have an app but it's also accessible from a computer.

    Unfortunately my parents don't have iPhones and my DH and I don't use the cloud.
  • We love Tinybeans! We starting using another photo sharing app when our son was first born , but Tinybeans was so much simpler. You can also put the photos together in a photo book using Tinybeans Instant Photo book. Even if your family members don't have iPhones you can organize your photos, which can be difficult if you wait until you have a big collection, and easily make grandma a book! 
  • I use Google Photos. It is linked to my gmail+drive so I have unlimited storage. I can make an album and share with anyone who has gmail account.

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  • Tiny Beans is my favorite! I love being able to go through the calendar and see how much our daughter has changed. I love being able to keep friends and family in the loop with all of our recent pictures. It’s so easy to use, and it’s a great way to keep everything organized since the baby is keeping us busy! 
  • I started using tiny beans and love it!  It sends emails to friends/family that want to keep up with your little one without flooding everyone on Facebook with baby pics, AND you can track baby's growth with a growth chart to see where your LO stands, which is awesome.  Easy to use.  I highly recommend it!
  • Before subscribing to Tinybeans, I would take the effort to text and/or email photos and videos of our little one to everyone that I felt was close enough with our family. As you can imagine, this took lots of time and sometimes would fall off my to-do list as I prioritized other things. With Tinybeans, it’s so easy to safely and privately share our daughter with our closest friends and family! It’s especially easy for our older family members who aren’t as tech savvy anymore but can still access email. Everyone says how much they look forward to the daily update. Also, it reminds me to take photos and videos to record our every day joys. Definitely would recommend using Tinybeans to all new and experienced parents. 
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    I used TinyBeans every day for the entire first year of my son’s life. With so many little milestones it’s hard to keep track and I didn’t want to miss documenting anything. Upgrading to the premium membership allowed me to post multiple photos at once as well!

    Recently, the external drive we use to store all our precious family photos crashed. We made two attempts to recover the photos and videos through outside services and were unsuccessful. As heartbreaking as that was I remembered that I had uploaded so many photos to Tinybeans and could now export all the photos back to my computer. I am thankful everyday for utilizing TinyBeans in the way that I did. 
  • Love Tiny Beans! My parents, brother, sister in law and father in law all live in separate states so they don’t get to see my son too often. Tiny Beans is a great way to keep the family up to date on his development. We usually upload several pictures a day. They receive a daily email update when new pictures are uploaded. Helps them feel a little more involved on his day to day life, and prevents them from missing out on his growth spurts!
  • I LOVE Tinybeans. More important, my family members love it. I was having a hard time keeping up with the baby picture requests and I'm not the type to want to flood my personal FB page with just pics of my kiddos (even though they are adorable). My neighbor mentioned she used TinyBeans and I jumped on board right away. Very simple and I like that it sends a daily email to family - the grandmas are NOT tech savvy with their phones. 
  • I absolutely love Tinybeans! I researched and tried a number of apps and landed on this one. We made the personal decision to not use Social Media for updates and Tinybeans was the perfect solution. It is so easy to use and to share pictures/updates with loved ones. So easy to use that my Grandmother who is in her 80s can use it comfortably from her PC as she doesn't have a smart phone. My favorite feature is the calendar so you can see a broader view of when things happened and when pictures were uploaded. You can't go wrong with Tinybeans and I hope you love it as much as we do!
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