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**trigger loss** Hi ladies, my name is J and I have been ttc for 5 years, 2 failed IUIs, then found out both tubes are blocked. This is my 3rd FET cycle, I am 39 and did my ER last year in August. Didn't do a fresh transfer because I made too many eggs (17) only 9 made it to the 5day stage. The 1st FET was canceled due to low progestrone and estrogen levels. Then had to have my left tube removed because it got fat for no reason. 2nd FET was in March, transfered 2 which ended in a chemical pregnancy on my birthday which sucked. I start my lupron in 2 days and as long as everything goes right my transfer  of 2 is June 12 hope 1 sticks. Didn't do any testing but my RE says they all look good so we shall see.
Baby Dust to All.

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