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3rd Trimester

When did baby drop for you?

I’m at 31 weeks and dealing with some annoying acid reflux.. I read that when the baby drops in the 3rd trimester it will be a relief. Anyone else have this, and when did your baby drop down? Did it help at all?

Re: When did baby drop for you?

  • I think my baby dropped a little because the bladder pressure/pain I feeling is INSANE. It's literally almost unbearable. I am 36 weeks tomorrow and yelping in pain constantly. Come on out already, baby!
  • I couldn't really tell with my first, but my sciatic nerve really acted up about a month before she came. With my second I woke up about a week before she was born and felt extremely nauseous for a few hours. Pretty sure that's when she dropped. I would definitely not say it was a relief though, brought on more Braxton Hicks!
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  • Thanks for your responses! I think I’m in the same boat you were- now I’m 36 weeks I think she must have dropped a bit in the last week or so bc my acid reflux has finally calmed down. Now I have more pressure on my bladder too- almost there though!
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