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Super low HCG

Hello! Last Thursday, 1 day late, my HCG number was 15.9. On Saturday, it should’ve doubled, but came back at 20.5. My OB has put me on progesterone and keeps telling me “maybe you ovulated SUPER late (my cycles are 30 days and very regular) and you are very newly pregnant”. My gut tells me she’s totally wrong and there’s a problem. With my first baby, my HCG was 531 right after my missed period. So I’m waiting, taking progesterone and retesting tomorrow. 

My question is - does anyone have any experience with this and is there any hope? I’m pretty sure it’s heading towards a miscarriage, but there’s still that hope in the back of my mind 😔

Re: Super low HCG

  • I am unfortunately in the same boat as you and HCG came back at 9.3 today 10dp5dt and I am a nervous wreck and don’t know what to think. How did your levels trend? 
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    I am also going through the same thing. First beta was 15, got a full period and second beta still went up to 19. Even though I’ve had a full period they still want to track me back to zero so I have a third scheduled for Tuesday  :/
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  • It's possible! I have scoured the boards for stories of low HCG that have been successful pregnancies and there are some! One member had a 5 and has a healthy son to show for it!

    My beta last Thursday came back at an 8 9dp5dt. I tested all weekend on FRER to see if anything showed up, and that maybe I just had a late implanter, but they were all negative. I thought I was done crying, but started bawling again when I walked into the clinic for my follow up blood test. I hope that yours is just a slow starter and will have my fingers crossed for you! 

  • Aghhh its so incredibly hard!!!! Don’t understand why we all have to go through this! My lab came back lower and confirmed chemical pregnancy :( 
  • I'm so so sorry. I got the same news Monday and AF came today. I'm scheduled for another FET Jul 23, but that embryo has been thawed and refrozen and it's not very good quality, so I'm feeling pretty negative about it. :(

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    @Okcaramarie I am so sorry! I am glad you have a date to focus on! I hope your little embaby thaws beautiful and snugs in tight!! My friend’s lower grade embryo is now her little girl and her higher grades miscarried. I now try to focus on that!!! Was your AF worse than normal? A little nervous for mine to start 😭.
  • thank you! sorry, I took a break from the board to try not to think about it for a while! That is great news! I have an appointment today to talk to the doctor about what is best. It really wasn't that bad, but I also started BCP on day 3 so that might have slowed it down! How are you doing? 

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