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Embryo Adoption

Hi there!
Is anyone else going through an embryo adoption or considering doing one? I’ve searched and can’t find any recent threads for this. We’ve done a couple of unsuccessful rounds of IVF using my eggs and are now looking into embryo adoption. We will most likely transfer in August if all goes according to plan. Currently we have a meeting with the psychologist on May 13th to get things started! 

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    I’ve never gone through the process, but just wanted to wish you luck at your appointment on the 13th! 

    I think with embryo adoption I would just be sure to ask if they are PGS tested to ensure the health of the embryo. I can’t imagine the cost with embryo adoption but would imagine it’s more than buying an egg so I’d want some assurances the embryo has a good chance at being viable. 
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    @keebs83 thank you!! I’m nervous about our appointment but looking forward to it at the same time! 
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  • char245 My wife and I are doing Embryo Adoption.  We tried 6 Iuis.  I have low ovarian reserve.  She's doesn't have a uterus. My infertility is mostly unexplained.  The specialist said I'm a bad candidate for traditional IVF due to my eggs.   We have three embryos we recently adopted and a fourth from a family friend.  We used Embryos Alive.  I got information from a lot of agencies if you have specific questions.  We picked the agency we did in part b/c they were willing to work with a same-sex couple and also the cost was more reasonable. They don't require a home study but you send in very detailed dossier on you and your spouse.

    My FET is scheduled for 5/13.  I have my second ultrasound tomorrow.  It took us not just over 30 days to match and get everything set up.  
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    @bluguitarhannah oh that’s so exciting!! I hope everything goes well on the 13th! How many embryos are you planning to transfer? With my clinic we can only adopt two at a time but I’m not sure if we will transfer one or two at a time. With my last FET we only had one normal PGS tested embryo but it failed so I’m leaning toward two.
  • We’ll transfer one.  All were AAs so trying to be hopeful.
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