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Help choosing a baby girl name!

We are team green and not finding out baby’s gender till he/she arrives, but want to have a boy name and a girl name ready just in case ;)

We have had middle names chosen for months (grandparent names for tradition) and have had a boy name agreed upon for a few weeks but having the toughest time with a girl name! I have 2 step daughters who both have first names that are 2 parts (made up to make a new name...don’t get me started! Plus a middle name so between those 3 names, a lot that I have liked are automatically ruled out... 

Basically I want a name that is not common but without being weird. My husband and I both like the “E” nicknames like Ellie/Emma/Ella/Emmy... I know everyone keeps saying they are too popular right now but I work with kids and don’t know any! Plus for us, that would just be the nickname, so we are trying to find pretty names that we like to shorten to those. I’m open to suggestions but doubt anyone has one I haven’t seen yet- been at this for months! lol

Current ones we are considering...
Elora Mae (nn Ellie)
Elanora Mae (nn Ella)
Emmeline Mae (nn Emmy)
Elara Mae (nn Ellie)

Oh and Elora is my #1 right now but my sister in laws name is Laura...even though the 2 really are very different names with different meanings, is it too similar?? :-/

Also side note, does anyone when they hear Ellie Mae, automatically think of Beverly Hillbillies?? 🤦🏻‍♀️ That’s another concern...

Re: Help choosing a baby girl name!

  • saham07saham07 member
    Ellie Mae does make me think of the Beverly Hillbillies, but I like old shows.
    Emilia nn Emmy
  • Haha thanks! It’s not a bad show, just don’t want her compared to a hillbilly/redneck 😉 and I do like Emilia but that one seems to be more popular than the other 4 from what I’ve seen/read...
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  • Edith nn Edie
  • Ellie Mae in addition to the Beverly hillbillies just sounds very country

    I like the suggestion of Edith Edie, it’s an E name but more unique. 

    I would avoid Elora unless you love your SIL bc it almost seems like a nod to use it with Laura to me

    Suggesting Eliza

  • mb0112mb0112 member
  • I second Elodie! That was one of our top three girl names (though we didn't end up using it).

    From your list, I like Elanora the most. But Eleanor is has a second 'e' in it. When I Googled Elanora, only towns came up. When I Googled Eleanora, it came up as a 'female given name.'
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  • Evelyn (Eve or Evie)
    Emmaline (Emma)
    Eloise (Elle)
    Emerson (Emmy)
  • With Mae as the middle, I greatly prefer the nickname Emmy to Ellie. If you don’t like Emilia, what about Emmanuelle? Or Emily?


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  • Emmeline is still in the running for sure...

    We liked Emerson but a lot of people didn’t because technically it’s a boy name :-/ it does mean “son of emery” after all and I am big on name meanings! But if we change it to emersyn, it’s too made up and I’m not a fan  when people change spellings like that....

    Don’t like “Eve” or “Evie” as nn so those are out. 

    Eloise and Elsie are cute but my husband doesn’t love them and I prefer Elora, Emmeline and Eleanora over those...
  • Yeah I think if we do Eleanora we would spell it like that, I like the definition better, means Light :) 

    sorry, Emmanuelle sounds like a boy name/too close to Emanuel I guess... and Emily I like but we know too many!
  • Appreciate the input! I’m not a fan of Edith or Eliza and I do love my SIL but not to the point of naming my baby after her lol I fell in love with the name before I realized how close it was to hers :-/ darn it!
  • I do like Elodie as well!! But prefer the definition of Elora & Eleanora better....hmmm
  • A bit off the wall, but one of my guilty pleasure names is Clementine. You could work a nn of Em/Emmy if you were so inclined. 
  • It is a pretty name! But idk whenever I think of a name where I would want to use the middle or end as a nn, I feel like that’ll be too strange (ie: I loved Adelaide and Adeline but calling her “Ellie” instead of “Addy” seems strange, no?) think everyone else will end up using the first part...
  • I would just pick a name you love and let the nickname be what it will be. You might find you don't call her by a nickname. Or it might be one that isn't anything like her name at all. 
    I have a Benjamin and said from day one his name would be Benjamin but he is called just about anything but that! Ben, Benny, Benji, Beans (my DH's NN for him). My DD is Allison and her brothers call her baby Allie.
    You'll drive yourself crazy if you overthink the NN thing. And you could talk yourself out of a name you really love!
  • Elena

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