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Need opinions on boy's name!

Hi everybody...due with my second in August and needing some opinions on our name choice. Our daughter's name is Audrey and for baby boy we are thinking Elliot. 

Do you think this sounds good together? Is Elliot a name that has "gone to the girls"? Any other names that you can suggest?

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Need opinions on boy's name!

  • Elliot/Elliott is great and all boy

  • saham07saham07
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    Audrey and Elliott are great together. Elliott has not gone to the girls. Seems like that little trend is about over.
  • Awesome name and pure BOY! 

  • Love Elliott and the nn Eli!
  • KStar21KStar21
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    I love Elliot, it goes good with Audrey IMO, and don't worry about the name's usage on girls!
  • mb0112mb0112
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    It’s a great name for a boy
  • Grat combo

  • lea-v3lea-v3
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    I love Elliott. DH vetoed it with all 3 pregnancies (I keep thinking if I just slip it in there, eventually he'll cave... but alas, no luck yet). It is most definitely a BOY name and it fits well with Audrey :)
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