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Doc Trouble

So I am currently being seen at a hospital, but the doctors are so rude and I am so uncomfortable going there at this point that I dread even the ultrasounds. They are ruining this pregnancy and I have asked every single obgyn office near and far and no one is able to take me because I am so far. I am so scared to go back and the thought of delivering there is horrifying. I need advice because I am out of ideas. 

Re: Doc Trouble

  • What if you had a doula? Someone to support you through the pregnancy and labour? Are you open/able to use a midwife?
  • So sorry to hear this. Have you expressed your dissatisfaction with your experience to them or their administration? I would remind them that it is your body, your baby, and that your money is green. Ultimately (and I know this is awful), this is a business. They need to be reminded that you are the consumer here. Plus side, if this is your first baby - this is a good first chance to be your own advocate and stand up for your family.

    Good luck! You got this.
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  • @anarose253 I had issues with my OB and switched at 13 weeks to a midwife. See if you can have a midwife or doula with you who can act as an advocate for the kind of birth you want. 
  • I found out that the location is the problem. I went to the same hospital in my fiancé’s district and it was a totally different experience. The people at the location I go to are clearly in it to get the big bucks and it shows. Glad I figured it out. Thanks all for the tips! ❤️
  • I've had a terrible experience with my doctor's office too. I've only seen my doctor twice and I'm almost 7 months (he seems to always be on vacation and has cancelled my appointment without notice), the nurses are rude, they've either given me wrong information or none at all, and one time they took 4 hours to call me back from their triage line when I was violently sick and luckily had the good sense to go to urgent care. I'm touring the hospital where I deliver in 2 days and luckily it's unlikely "my" doctor will be the one on call that day, but this whole situation has made me want to scream.
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