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Wow, I cannot believe support groups like this really exist! I’m 29 DH is 30. We have been together 12 years, married 11. I have PCOS, and do not ovulate. DH is annoyingly perfect (reproductive health wise). 

We were told IVF or a miracle was our only options. So, we got ourselves genetically tested and did IVF in February. We got 13 eggs, 12 mature, 11 fertilized (w/ ICCI?), and 5 frozen embryos. We did not choose PGS testing since our doctor told us it hasn’t improved anyone’s odds. Our FET was on March 20th, and now we are PUPO!

Only our bosses and a few co-workers know. No one we know has issues conceiving, and so it has been hard for our family and friends to relate to our situation. 

I have been praying for all you ladies since I found these groups/boards three days ago. 

Much Love,
Future Mom

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  • @chasinghappydays fingers crossed for good news in a few days!!
    - August 2013 - December 2013 3 rounds Clomid 
    - February 2014 - DH diagnosed with bilateral absence of vasdeferens, so on to IVF with ICSI.
    - November 2014 - First IVF round/retrieval.  From that we ended up with 12, day 3 embryos.  Fresh transfer - chemical pregnancy
    - February 2015 - 1st FET - BFN
    - Dec 2015 - 2nd FET  - BFN
    - Dec 2016 - 3rd FET - Added endo scratch, endometrial HCG, and resistant uterine protocol - BFN 
    - Dec 2017 - Intra uterine scope and biopsy - Found nothing that could be causing us not to concieve
    - Jan 2018 - ERA- Found I was post receptive and we needed 12 less hours of progesterone before transfer
    - February 2018 - 4th FET - because of needing to mimic ERA cycle, had to thaw all 4 remaining embryos to day 5.  In that process 3 of the embryos arrested and the remaining embryo was very poor quality.  We weren't too surprised when that also ended in a BFN. 
    - July 2018 - Full IVF round with PGS testing.  18 retrieved, 12 mature, 5 made it to day 5 testing day, 2 Normal.
    -October 2018 - 5th FET with a good quality PGS normal embryo with altered ERA transfer timing - BFN

    July IVF 2018 Link -

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