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  • @mvc003 I get headaches too, and what helps me is rubbing my traps and neck area. And also applying lavendar and peppermint oil (about a drop each, mixed in Palm) to my tenples and back of my neck. Then I cup my hands and breathe it in. Seems to help me.
  • Anyone else struggling to continue working out? I went to the gym this morning, walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes, then did 2 sets of lunges and had to throw in the towel. I was completely spent! 
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  • @megmac2010 I'm all over the place with it! Thursday night I ran 5 miles and felt great, last night I couldn't peel myself off the couch! 
  • I'm not allowed to workout right now. At least not until my first US. I guess I could go swim laps but I haven't had the energy.  
  • rae605rae605
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    Thirsty and sore boobs here! My worst symptom with my first pregnancy in the 1st tri was the fatigue...I felt like I could barely stay awake.

    I am terrified for that stage to hit me...I've got toddler twins now and if I have fatigue like that again this time, I dont know how I'll cope! 
  • JBos82JBos82
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    I can’t take the nausea right now. It started vaguely about a week and a half before I tested, and I started on diclegis pretty much as soon as I knew I was pregnant for sure (I had some from my last pregnancy still and my doctor called in a new prescription). It’s just constantly there, and when I finally feel okay enough to eat, I feel full and satisfied for 5-10 minutes and then it comes back full force again. Luckily the meds have kept me from getting sick (much), but I hate this part. I had horrible all day morning sickness throughout both of my previous pregnancies, and it seems like each one it gets stronger. 

    Other than that I’m exhausted, cranky, crampy, and dizzy when I stand up. It’ll be worth it. I’m just miserable at being pregnant lol!

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  • I'm having pretty intense back pain and have very itchy boobs.  But have avoid morning sickness this far. 
  • I'm having pretty intense back pain and have very itchy boobs.  But have avoid morning sickness this far. 
    Ugh yes itchy boobs. My nipples are so itchy. 
  • @runningfortwo81 so all over the place! I’m trying hard to stay active as long as I can, but this first trimester exhaustion is real. 

    The symptoms are coming in hot today. I took a little nap this afternoon, woke up after 20 minutes, and burst into tears for absolutely no reason! 
  • @JBos82 Yep I'm right here with you, sick hungry and then about 15 minutes after I'm sick hungry again. So tired and nauseous, my day off today is looking like a sick day.
  • @megmac2010 Last night I cried because my stomach was the most upset it's been and I was so worried I wouldn't be able to sleep and then would feel bad today, etc. etc. etc. Emotional spiral. Haha. My husband told me this morning that literally right after I stopped crying I started snoring. 😂🤣😂🤣 Luckily, this morning I found that hilarious!
  • Lots of nausea and bloating cant button pants have to do the hair band trick 
  • @megmac2010 yes! Struggling to run 3 miles and I’m used to running 5. My pace slowed dramatically. It has to be the fatigue. I’m a FTM, so I wasn’t sure this was a thing. I’m supposed to run a 5k in a few weeks. 😩 

    bloating... ugh. Every morning with the sausage fingers. The struggle is real! I have a feeling I’ll be ditching my wedding rings real quick and moving to my Enzo rings from when I was losing my weight. 

    Also, I never sleep when we are in a car or on an airplane. My husband was driving us to his parents house today, and I slept the whole way there. Got in the car, later the seat back, and I was gone. 
  • Headaches and fatigue! 
    I've had some cramping and pinching, which are totally freaking me out. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, even without having any cramping. So even though I keep reading that it's normal (it's not constant or severe or anything), I'm still super worried
  • I no longer can take my vitamins without spewing... Recommendations??
  • rae605rae605
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    @swedishmeatball The first time around I could only take them right before bed...otherwise they'd make me really nauseous. Not sure if you've tried that already. 
  • kmb412kmb412
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    I have not had any morning nausea (thank goodness) but I have severe food aversions. The thought of some food can trigger my gag reflex. Eating a lot of saltines and grabbing anything in the store that looks appealing. Yesterday it was veggie sushi and tapioca pudding. 

    Also, yesterday I started sobbing for no reason. So I guess that’s a thing now. 
  • @swedishmeatball I’m the same if I take it in the morning or on he slightest empty stomach. Now I make sure I take it on a very full stomach since there’s no other way. You could also try switching up the brand you are using that could help? 
  • I have to hold my breath when I feed my dog. Barf! 🤢 
  • mommystuebsmommystuebs
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    I think my worst symptom so far has been my breasts, lately the pain has been milder but they always itch.  And if my husband or dog accidently touches them or steps on them that's it my crazy hormones have me in a rage. I'm so snappy . Also can't get comfy and it's just an angry grumpy toss and turn every night 
  • @rae605 @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I do take them at night but it's that actual taking them part that makes me gag 😂 It's unavoidable I think I just have to fight it!!
  • For the last 4 days or so I've had what I call "background nausea." It is there and I notice it, but I never actually get sick. It is almost constant, but I can push through. I don't know if this is better or worse than actually getting sick! Something else that started last night was terrible congestion! I don't feel sick, I just have a horrible runny nose. I have no idea where it came from and I have read of some women battling congestion during pregnancy. Has anyone else had this?
  • @alwayseloquent I’ve had similar yucks the past week. Just congestion then a runny nose. I actually was running a fever a week ago. It was before I got my BFP, thankfully I was cautious about what medicine I took because we were TTC, so I knew there was a chance! But I’m still battling it, minus the fever. 
  • @mvc003 I get light headaches but I think it might still be the caffeine withdrawal.  Whenever I take a nap or have a bit of soda it seems to help the headache. 

    I feel just overall miserable my poor husband has been pulling extra kid time because all I seem to be able to do is sleep to get through feeling like garbage. :(
  • Anyone else feeling like a psychopath? My anxiety is through the roof and I could cry at the drop of a hat. Tired, nauseous, and crazy. That’s the best way to describe myself right now. 

  • Is anyone experiencing nauseated or morning sickness during the night that wakes you up? 
  • @kmb412 We are one in the same. Solidarity, girl. 

  • @amyjay23 yes, my emotions are all over the place and I'm very anxious all the time. 

    @lastlittlebabes that happened to me during my last pregnancy. It was the only time I would vomit. I was just extremely nauseous during the day. At night, I would have to go running to the toilet. 
  • @amyjay23 so emotional, a commercial can let me let out a loud sob , a show can have me in tears, then within seconds I'll be this sadistic jerk. 
  • What did you find to help? 
  • Sore boobs, mild cramping, fatigue, and mild nausea, maybe a few mood swings. Doing pretty good. Pregnancy always feels crazy at first but it will get better ladies. 
  • You guys have all been talking about sore boobs, and I’m like man I must be lucky. Yeah, nope. Bent over the washer to pull clothes out, and almost cried. Holy moly! 
  • @lastlittlebabes I wasn't able to take anything. I was, and still am, BF my 18 month old. I can't take B6 while BF or I would have taken B6 and unisom. That's basically what Diclegis is. I won't take Zofran because it has been linked to some birth defects. I will however take Zofran after the first trimester if I need it. 
  • Attempted to workout this morning that ended 10 minutes in because I was so lightheaded and nauseous. 
  • @amyjay23 my anxiety has been through the roof. I’m all over the place with my emotions. I’m not used to this. With my first two pregnancies I was so happy and relaxed. This time around I’m anxious and snappy. It’s driving me crazy. I’m also super tired. 
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  • Feeling extra bloated today.. I feel huge. I don't have pants that are fitting comfortably right now so I wore a dress and I'm feeling like that may have been a bad move/like it might be highlighting my tummy even more. Oh well..
  • The congestion is killing me no matter what I do I can’t seem to get Relief.  Nausea,  constipation, sore boobs, and I’m having a lot of aches. 
  • lw11lw11
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    Hey ladies! I am a FTM at 6 weeks +1. How is everyone feeling? I was great up until yesterday. Major constipation. Had to get my hubby to by me Metamucil and prune juice b🤢. Two doses of it last night then this morning and finally feeling better. Don’t want this to be a vicious cycle though and no way I can stomach Metamucil as a constant thing. Thinking of buying a second prenatal with no iron and switching the one I take every second day?? Any suggestions on what’s worked for you? 
  • @lw11 maybe try just regular fiber.. you can get clear tasteless that I am able to deal with better than the metamucil. Also maybe try some flaxseed @emeraldcity1214 had suggested that to me. No suggestions on the prenatal, but I don't take one with iron and my OB does not recommend it unless I turn out to be iron deficient. 
  • mczzi7788mczzi7788
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    Hi All, besides the bloat and on-off again sore boobs, do you all feel pregnant? I still don't have morning sickness and there are days I feel no symptoms. I am 6.5 weeks and going in for my ultrasound on 4/1.

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