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Tightening across low abdomen all the time

Hi ladies. This is my third so I should know better, but I’m a little concerned that for the past week or so I have been having tightening all across my lower abdomen what seems like all the time. I am just shy of 23 weeks. It feels kind of like Braxton Hicks, but it isn’t letting up and go on for a really long time without relief. Any suggestions? Just normal stretching?

Re: Tightening across low abdomen all the time

  • I would say that if it has been going on for a week or so, it's worth a call to your ob. They can at least ease your mind over the phone. Everything we read tells us it's pretty normal but what harm could a call do. 
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    I actually called the hospital about this on Wednesday. I woke up with a cramp that just didn’t stop no matter what I did, and came in waves of stronger cramps as well. They told me to come in and get checked out and I wasn’t going into labour - they do a swab of your cervix to look for a protein that is released in the weeks leading up to labour. Prior to (and since) this I’ve had quite painful cramping on and off my whole pregnancy that don’t go away with rest and hydration and Dr Google tells me it’s most likely irritable uterus. 

    As Griffin said above, I’d give your OB or midwives at the hospital a call to make sure it’s nothing to worry about. They’ll most likely ask you to come in but that’s so they can be sure. Better to be safe than sorry. 
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  • Hi. Member of the May group here. 
    I think I've had similar feelings to what you're describing since I was around 18 weeks (I'm now 27w3d). If I'm walking around a lot, the tightening in my lower abdomen increases. It gets better when I sit down, or bend over. 
    Theres no tightening at all in my upper abs, and its not a crampy feeling. Just tightening. 
    But if you're worried, best to call your Dr or midwife to double check. 
  • Thank you all so much! I did call my OB and they suggested that I try 24 hours of bed rest to see if things eased up. They confirmed with me that I work outside of the home and already have two kids and she thought I was likely overduing it. She was right. 😬 I rested all weekend, drank a lot of water and feel better now. :) Thanks again!
  • @alovelybean hope things calmed down for you!  This is #3 for me and the Braxton hicks are FOR. REAL. this time.  As of 25 weeks they've been significant.  I find not emptying my bladder enough makes it worse, as does having two other kids (one of whom is still 18m and requires lifting/care/etc). Trying to be a good girl and not overdo it! One project a weekend and then rest rest rest! So hard when all I Want to do is nest nest nest!
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