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My Son Is “The Bad Kid” In His Playgroup

If you hate the title of this, so do I. I never think a kid should be labeled the bad kid. I love my son more than anything (other than my other son). 

I’ve never not known how to parent my son. But, we went to his new playgroup to help get him ready for preschool, and it was really a horrible experience. I was so excited for him to begin this, he’s always played so well with other kids. 

Today, he wouldn’t listen to anything the teachers asked him to do, he’d run around playing with toys when it wasn’t time to, took toys from other children, jumped on the table (he does not do that here), screamed, almost hit a child, threw toys during the sing along, picked up the circles for the kids to sit on and threw them, wanted to open all the filing cabinets and pull the extra toys out, I could go on. I never expected this would happen!!

I ran interference with every behavior, told him no, redirected him, told him to give the other children space at times. They must think he was raised in a barn. Some of the moms I think thought I should relax and let him explore a little and some were worried for their kids so they weren’t in the line of fire. 

Has anyone ever experienced this? All I can think is I’m going to have to reteach him everything each and every time
we go back. I’m afraid this won’t change over the weeks, not to mention Im sure the other moms don’t even want us back. 


Re: My Son Is “The Bad Kid” In His Playgroup

  • How old is your son? My son just turned two and honestly he has days where he is amazing and plays well and days where he acts just like you described. I often notice the behavior you described when he is in a new situation surrounded by new people. He is shy and likes to observe his surroundings and when he doesn’t really get a chance to do that he acts out. It’s frustrating and I always feel like the other moms are thinking “WTF is this woman doing at home?” But he’s not normally like this and I wouldn’t say he’s bad. I’d give it a few more times. I notice my son often calms down after a few weeks with the same group. Also sometimes it’s random (to me) when he acts out but I figure we all have bad days and he’s just not able to express it. Hope you’re having better luck now!
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