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Ramzi Theory

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Who wants to have some fun guessing gender of our littles?!? 

Mine is from 7 weeks 2 days -vaginal ultrasound. Any guesses?!?!

Re: Ramzi Theory

  • Seriously though, I know with 50% certainty that you're having a boy. I'm always 100% right when I make these predictions. Congrats! 
  • Lololololol I just cracked up laughing. Thanks! 
  • I'm 100% certain it's a boy. I am an internet expert, and am never wrong.
    Also, you have allll your personal information on that ultrasound image- you might want to block out your last name, DOB, doc info..... there are a lot of creepers out there. 

  • Im not sure how the ramzi theory works and i cant see your photo to guess. Do you guys think this is boy or girl ? Vag u/s at 5w6d
  • @mommystuebs the ramzi theory is just not something we do on TB. It isn't actually a thing. Wait for science to tell you what you're having. 
  • Lol okay just so impatient haha
  • @mommystuebs if you're planning on getting the 12 week genetic testing they can tell you the sex with that. I'm planning on getting that testing done. Finding out the sex is just as important to me as the other information you get with that screening. 
  • Okay awesome I'll definitely look into that, thanks 
  • @emeraldcity603 It blows my mind they can find out the sex at 12 weeks! When I was last pregnant I had to wait for my 18 week ultrasound—2D ultrasound I might add! Lol
  • @gapmom2019 I had to wait for my first. I opted out of the testing with my second and third. Got it for the 4th because insurance covered it. My last pregnancy I opted out and really regretted it for many reasons. So this time I'm paying out of pocket for it. 
  • kiki75kiki75
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    @emeraldcity1214 You might check with your insurance & doctor’s office. With mine they said that if you left the sex out of the NIPT, it was coded one way (covered) but if you opted to include the sex, it’s coded another way (typically not covered). You may be money ahead to do NIPT w/o sex with your doctor & then do Harmony or whatever that’s only $80 or whatever. 
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  • @kiki75 thanks I will check into it. $80 is way better than a $1000. 
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