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Needing encouragement

My husband and I decided to take out my IUD March 2017 and the first time we tried without protection I was pregnant! June 2017 but shortly after finding out I miscarried July 9 2017 . .. and ever since then we’ve been trying , after 6 months I was still hopeful then by 8 months of trying I was concerned, I met with a dr that ran blood work but everything was normal and learned it was no real concern after the 12 month mark of trying. 1 year 7 months later with negative tests I seen a new dr. She told me to get a transvaginal ultrasound and an HSG test and to have my husband get a seman analysis done, I couldn’t wait for the tests , after my ultrasound coming back normal and my husbands analysis coming back normal I felt the HSG test would have all the answers but I was wrong thankfully it came back normal but that left us with unknown infertility, so my dr prescribed me 50mg clomid which I use sometime in April, I’m hoping this does the trick for us, it’s been almost 2 years! 

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