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Prior pregnancy with GD?

Hey hey. I'm from the May board (due may pretty much June) but there are only like 7 of us who write anything, and its typically very infrequently. 
I was given the diagnosis of GD a week and a half ago (just borderline...still pretty peeved about it). 
I had my midwife appt earlier this week, and we briefly talked about birth. She said with GD mothers, they typically induce between 39-40 weeks. I've been monitoring my BG (blood glucose) since the diagnosis, and my numbers are fine and under control. 
I told the midwife that I will likely only opt to be induced between 39-40 weeks if my numbers change or something else comes up that is alarming (like if baby is supposed to be massive, etc). 
Has anyone been given this diagnosis with a previous pregnancy and not opted to be induced? 

Re: Prior pregnancy with GD?

  • wisehwiseh member
    I’ve never heard of people getting induced early because of well managed GD. Did they say why they would want to induce you? 
  • @wiseh nope. Just that they usually do it. 

    I was like 'no thanks. If my numbers stay good, I'll see if it happens naturally'. 

    Unless they provide me with the logic behind their reasoning. 
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  • wisehwiseh member
    I would have said the same! How bizarre. Will be interesting to see what the other ladies on here that have had GD have experienced 
  • *Lurking*
    @sarah_is_pregnant I have diet controlled GD and my midwife is allowing me to go to 41 weeks before considering induction. I believe that is the ACOG recommendation, barring any other issues like deteriorated placenta, excessive fluid, or a larger baby (however I tried to link to it on their site and can't find it). I've been checked for those other issues as recently as 37 weeks by US growth scan.
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  • @wiseh right?! Ugh. Why induce when there is no apparent risk to baby? 

    @meggyme that was my thought- wait til 41 weeks and see where we stand. Which is pretty normal in terms of induction for a non-GD pregnancy. I will read up on the ACOG recommendation, and see what the Canadian equivalent also says. 
    I have a growth US in a few weeks (I think I'll be 31 weeks then), and I imagine I will have at least 1 more after that as well. 
    Glad my rationale is in line with what others are being told. 
    Thank you!
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