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gestational diabetes

just got a call from the doc that i failed my first glucose test with a 148. have to take the 3 hour in 2 days.  worried that i will fail this one too.  any mamas out there with GD or have had healthy babies after being diagnosed?  i dont want to put my baby at any harm

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    I’m currently doing my glucose test and having a family history of diabetes I’m not overly confident I’ll pass.

    From my research as long as you manage your GD well then there is no (or minimal) risk to your baby. Managing means making sure you follow a diabetes diet, eating foods that don’t cause spikes in blood glucose levels. I believe you’ll have to take your blood glucose levels 1 hour after every meal too to ensure your levels aren’t spiking. 
  • I had GD with my DD and she came out perfectly fine. Small weight too, 6lb 1oz. She didn’t have any BS issues when she was born either. Just make sure if you do have GD to keep your BS in normal range and follow the diet. It’s not the worst thing following the ADA diet. 
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  • I failed my first glucose test two weeks ago. I took the 3 hour and technically passed, however I still failed my 1 hour again. Got an email today from nutritionist and they are saying I'm glucose intolerant due to hormones. I have to meet with the nutritionist and manage my carb in take. Being put on a similar diet to as if I had GD, just don't have to worry about monitoring my blood sugars. You'll get through it. I know plenty of people who have had GD and had perfectly healthy babies. Just watch what you eat and make healthier choices.
  • I had GD with my DD and she was perfectly healthy at birth! She was 7lbs 14oz and all our vitals were great. I failed my 2 hour test with her by just a couple points. So I had to meet with a dietitian so they could be sure I understood carbs/intake and I also had to submit weekly blood sugar numbers to my doctor - they also labeled me as a high risk pregnancy . When I first got the news I remember feeling like I was already failing my daughter when she hadn’t even been born yet! I also felt sooo embarrassed by it! But honestly I was fine! Very average weight and height wise - it’s truly just the way my body handles being pregnant. I was naturally more aware of what I ate and never had any crazy numbers, everything was maintained by diet - I never needed insulin. Do what you need to for your baby, don’t be discouraged! 

    My glucose test is next week with this pregnancy and I’m hoping I do well! But know that everything will be okay either way! Good luck!
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