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  • I had some major nesting urge and planned to use this weekend for it and then got sick. I’m so ticked about it. And since DH had to help me with DD today he didn’t finish painting her room, so now I’ve got to wait even longer to get my hands on her room and the nursery. Ugh. 

    @rennie1108 I’d be upset too. My H doesn’t seem to get it when I mention something about how I look and how his job is supposed to be to say “you’re a beautiful, glowing picture of motherhood” or something like that. Lol. And I still don’t know why strangers keep making comments on the size of pregnant women. 
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  • @thatbaintforbetty I’d have a meltdown and find a hotel. I wouldn’t stay anywhere that smelled like an ashtray. 

    @rennie1108 that was really insensitive of your DH to say that. If he thinks you’re being overly dramatic, wait until you lock him out of the bedroom tonight!
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  • @thatbaintforbetty, ugh, I would be pissed too.  I second what @mrstmoose said about a hotel room if feasible.

    @rennie1108, totally agree that it was insensitive of him.  I know my DH is getting sick of me complaining at this point, but he also knows enough to just sit there and listen, lol.  People make rude comments about pregnant bodies all the time, I really don't get why they feel it's socially acceptable to do so.  I don't comment on your beer gut being bigger than my husband's, so maybe just STFU?  :tongue:  I'm also at my limit when it comes to dealing with people and I still have five weeks to go...
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  • @mrstmoose @kangstadt thankfully we wouldn’t be stuck here overnight. But an hour visit has turned into like a 4+ hour visit. 

    DH managed to get the hood open and we will be able to make it home but I just don’t like being stuck here that long. 
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  • Thanks guys! I feel better reading your comments. Oh, and I just had a coughing spell and pissed all down the side of my leg. I'd say it's not been the best day!
  • Had to hold my 4yo son down screaming and crying to rinse dust/wood particle out of his eye tonight.

    So... that was fun.

    Parenting sucks sometimes :expressionless:.
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  • @rennie1108 when I get upset about something, DH tends to make jokes to try to lighten the mood. I have found very few of them funny so he got a warning halfway through the second trimester that jokes about my pregnancy were not allowed in the third trimester when I’m upset because many of them have caused me to burst into tears or cry even harder. He still struggles with it. It also has really thrown him off that pregnancy makes me cry so much because I’m not really a crier normally, so he struggles to figure out the appropriate response. 
  • Hospital bags: we mostly packed oyrs last night. Need to wash baby hats, pack the hairbrush, shampoo/conditioner, and glasses, bring diffuser and ball last minute. DH needs to pack some clothes after more laundry is done.

    Sensitivity: yesterday was a very emotional day for me as well. I cried plenty. DH was grumpy and took it out on me, we weren't communicating well, and I just wanted to feel loved and did everything I could to not be irritating to him but he didn't recognize my attempts. We talked about it later and that helped. Husbands simply can't know what it's like to be pregnant.
  • @thatbaintforbetty I'm so sorry you are still having to deal with car issues. We had a leak last month and it was really stressful. Hang in there. 

    @rennie1108 People are so unaware. And it sounds like your H wasn't getting it  :/
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  • @jlklec19 H is the same.  He thinks the answer to anything is to joke about it.  Sometimes I just want some sympathy and for you to tell me how hard I have it hahah.  Usually when I'm mad or sad trying to make me laugh isn't the answer.  8 years later you think he would know that by now....
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  • I haven't packed my bag yet. I ordered a custom swaddle off etsy that should come this week and I ordered some hospital comfy stuff for me that came over the weekend. I just need to wash it all and then pack it up. 

    Also- I have had tingly feet and gained 3lbs over the last 3 days. Makes me freak out for pre-e, I didn't have any experience with my first so I know its unlikely but it still freaks me out. 
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  • @thatbaintforbetty That sounds rough, I hope you got the car up and running. I can’t stand being in a heavy smoker’s house!

    @suchagoodone @rennie1108 Yeah, the body changes with pregnancy really can do a number on how you feel about yourself. It feels a little silly sometimes because ‘well of course things are changing, I’m pregnant!’, but it can feel so difficult to have both your looks and capabilities change. I think husbands tend to get stuck on the fact that we’re supposed to get rounder, so why would we feel bad about it? But I’ve found it particularly hard to get weaker and creakier- I don’t like having to ask for help with tasks I normally did, from putting on lotion to carrying groceries. It’s much harder than the weight for me.

    Can I just give a shoutout to the general mind-your-own-business/‘unfriendly’ New England culture? I’ve barely gotten any stray body comments and NOBODY has tried to touch me. It’s great.
  • @rennie1108 as someone else said - your feelings are valid, and this is hard. It’s okay to feel bad and upset and frustrated, and to ask your spouse to be sensitive to that! But, as everyone else also said - really everyone does carry differently and your size during pregnancy is not a reflection of YOU. It’s just your body doing what it has to in order to take care of that baby. 

    @thatbaintforbetty glad you were able to get home and not stuck there overnight. Car trouble is the worst. 

    @kangstadt ughhh. At Halloween my son got a stickerbur in his finger and you would have thought we were trying to cut his hand off with a rusty hacksaw for the screaming while we were trying to get it out. 

    I had a serious moment of panic at 2am last night. I realized that I’m 3.5 weeks away from when my older son arrived, and 6.5 weeks out from my due date. I texted my husband a list of things we need to do including installing car seats, packing a hospital bag, setting up the co-sleeper, etc. 
    and my classes and research so aren’t ready for me to have this baby! So much to do!!!
  • I did not sleep a wink last night due to terrible heartburn which left my throat feeling swollen and I kept waking up not being able to breathe (scary). On top of that I have a horrible migraine. I stay at home always with my DS who is 16 months. I never usually ask for help because I feel like he's my responsibility and I dont want to seem like I cant handle things. But I'm feeling so crummy that I needed to ask my mom to watch him this afternoon so I could rest. Ive never done that before and I as she picked him up, I felt a feeling I couldnt describe! I just bawled and I think its mommy guilt! I feel so silly but even though I'm 35 weeks pregnant and not feeling well I feel so guilty dumping my kid off on someone else so I can rest! I feel like an inconvenience and burden. Why am I taking this so hard? Hormones, probably.. I dont know why I feel the need to find comfort about this or share but I'm not familiar with this feeling so I need to know if I'm crazy lol.

  • @elmich3 I feel the same way but I assure you, it’s okay. You need rest and respite so you can keep moving forward and they would have said no if they couldn’t handle it today.
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