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TTC After a Loss

Question- 1st pp cycle after loss

Hey Hope Mommies, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on with my body after my 6 mo loss. My daughter, Eden Grace, was born on 1/2/19 due to heart failure from hydrops due to monosomy x (Turner’s). My first pp period was 5 weeks later, and I’m nearing the end of my first full pp cycle, but I’m a bit confused... I know it’s normal to be off from what was normal for a couple months, but since we are TTC again, I can’t figure out if I’ve actually ovulated. I took an lh/ovulation test for days until getting a solid positive surge on cd 16, but my “spike” was only 97.26 to 97.52, and they’ve stayed around 97.5_ rather than increase any more. I had a few days of ewcm too with sore/itchy bbs- which has always been a normal ovulation symptom for me. Do you think I’ve ovulated? If so, should I use progesterone cream for a bit to help my temps for a potential pregnancy? Thanks loves!

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  • Welcome and I’m so sorry for your loss! There is a chance that you just may not have ovulated this cycle but I don’t think there is any harm in using your progesterone in case. Is the progesterone doctor prescribed? Do they have a nurse line you could call to discuss what to do from here? The only down side is you could delay your next period if you are not pregnant and continue the progesterone. When you get a chance you should also change your screen name from knottie.... to something we can easily tag you with so we can keep supporting you! You may need to sign out and sign back in for it to take effect. Good luck with TTC!!
  • Hi knottie, I'm sorry for you loss. From what you have described it is likely that you ovulated. Was the shift .2 degrees above the 6 previous temps? That is how a shift is confirmed. 
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  • I’m sorry for your loss.  I don’t really have anymore to offer from what PP said just wanted to say sorry for your loss. 
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